To The Daily Sun,

Thank you for Alan Vervaeke’s op-ed, “The Honeymoon Is Over.”

On his observances of hate-mongering via this newspaper — in my town of Sanbornton someone on Route 127 has put a little, hand-painted sign on the front lawn: “Hatred has No Home in (American flag.)” The other side of the sign: “Love Conquers All.” The sign was in the lawn before winter, was buried by snow, has reappeared. Every time I pass it, I chide myself for the times I succumb to muttering hateful thoughts towards Pres. Trump. And it’s not that I am a poor loser. If Mitt Romney (R.) had succeeded to be President, or if former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld (R.) becomes President and my 2020 candidate loses therefore, I will not have the worries that Pres. Trump gives me, president who undermines treaty-friendships, safety-nets, stability on our needy planet, needy because climate change is real and threatens life as we’ve known it — but this president sticks with his ignorance about that.

I had thought my next letter should be about nature, the bees coming out and finding no blossoms yet — so one day I put a hot-water-diluted saucer of honey on my deck chair, and watched bees flock to it, drinking like cattle at a pond. This may underline the correctness in the old adage about using honey rather than vinegar....

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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