To The Daily Sun,

Nasty Nancy, Upchuck Shameless Schumer and Burisma Basement Biden! Could it ever get worse than Nasty Nancy calling Republicans in Congress “murderers” and Upchuck Shameless Schumer seeing nothing wrong with that. Then Burisma Basement Biden fails to call on Nasty Nancy to apologize.

I was almost certain that is the worst it could be. But along came the Girl Squad: Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley and Talib (O.P.C.T.). The insanity of their New Green Plan, the shrillness of their voices and the support of their insanity by the vampires of the numb and dumb mainstream media forced the clueless triumvirate of Nasty, Shameless and Basement to cower before the O.P.C.T. and wash their feet. Then before our eyes, despite the best efforts of the vampire press to cloak the rioters, looters and murders of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in the garb of the First Amendment, the Demolitioncrats announce insane policies: no borders, no gas, no beef (because of cows passing gas), no airplanes.

Could it get any worse? The Demolitioncrat Party now supports outright chaos in our country, the creation of Autonomous Zones in Seattle, NYC and Washington, D.C., the violent overthrow of President Trump, the defunding of all police departments and the unlawful flowing of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the Demolitioncrat communists.

Do not kid yourself. We are in the Demolitioncrats’ third stage of the leftist plan to destroy our country and Western Civilization. The thugs of the Demolitioncrats are ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. The four stages are:

a. Demoralization

b. Destabilization: Defund the Police!

c. CRISIS: Looting, rioting, murder and autonomous zones

d. Normalization: On their terms: tyrannical communism

I agree with Lloyd Marcus (, himself a black man, who says: “Outrageously, cowardly and traitorous politicians are allowing Black Lives Matter, a racist hate group to engage in an "Everything Must Go" fire sale against America. . . What is so frustrating is that BLM is an extreme racist and anti-American hate group. Years ago, BLM declared a war on cops and white people.”

The fairytale of “systemic racism” in 21st century America is the false narrative and the “fake news” is being used to destabilize our society and destroy American history and Western Civilization.


Charles H. Bradley III, J.D.


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