To The Daily Sun,

Recently, I have noticed a lack of discussion about the greatest threat that many experts see to Western Civilization: the transparent collusion among George Soros, the Communist Chinese Criminal Conspiracy (CCCC), Big Tech, the Deep State and the numb and dumb Mainstream Media. The most overlooked of this Quintet of Destruction is the CCCC. Let’s take a look:

1.) The CCCC has blackmailed and owns the current clown parading as POTUS: China Joe the bumbling mumbler, as he is called in Beijing. Traitor Joe cut and ran in Afghanistan as a payoff to the CCCC, left as many as 10,000 hostages there and gave the Taliban their names and addresses, according to news reports.

2.) With the catastrophic collapse of Afghanistan, China Joe has created a terrorist state for the Taliban and Al Qaeda, who have already allied themselves with China, Russia and Iran (the Axis of Evil). Additionally, Joe surrendered Bagram Air Force Base to China, strategically as important to the geopolitical and military situation in Central Asia as our Guantanamo Bay Base in Cuba in the Americas. China Joe also donated our entire military and Air Force equipment in the amount $86 billion. Pakistan, regardless of what that nitwit Sen. Lindsay Graham says, and China will now conduct a two-front war against India with taxpayer funded, United States military equipment, not to mention another 911 attack on US. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are the international equivalent of ANTIFA and BLM. No Wonder China Joe helped them.

3.) The genocidal extermination and organ harvesting of the Uighers (Muslims), Christians and Falon Gong by the CCCC has been ignored by the entire world, most despicably by American Communistic Capitalists led by the Disney Corporation and the NBA. Walt Disney and Red Auerbach must be turning over in their graves.

4.) China Joe is permitting the CCCC to corner the market on rare earth minerals, lithium and, with the imminent takeover of Taiwan, will corner the computer chip market and destroy an already weakened US car market. When China secures Taiwan, as it has Hong Kong, without firing a shot, it will control the South China Seas, which is the Maritime Silk Road through which $5 trillion in merchandise flows annually. CCCC has been building ports, airbases and military installations there in anticipation of seizing Taiwan.

5.) CCCC has a Belt and Road Initiative in Africa and plans to make the entire continent dependent on the CCCC through debt. Many experts are concerned by the aggressive and offensive weaponry CCCC is launching into space.

Let’s face it! Incompetent Sleepy Joe is a terrorism super spreader who kowtows to the Axis of Evil because, like Faust, Biden sold his soul to the Devil and even worse betrays US.

Charles Bradley III


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Yes, I always get my news from places that use "deep state", "China Joe", etc.... Wait, no... anyone using those terms immediately loses all credibility, especially a news organization! The former president signed a deal to remove all of our troops by May 1, 2021. President Biden honored that deal, but gave us 2 more months.... But doing so is a problem? We leave military equipment everywhere we go, but this time should've been special! Maybe don't get your news from Faux News - an obviously biased "news" organization that doesn't even call itself an actual news organization!


If the former potus knew, why did he make a deal to remove all of our troops from Afghanistan 2 months earlier than President Biden? That's odd....


Is this letter supposed to be an entry to a fiction contest?


When you find a scapegoat, take The former president had his tiny hands in this deal, but it's President Biden's fault entirely (somehow!)? The former potus never took responsibility for his actions...why start now? At least he's consistent in that regard!

Alan Moon

We can always count on the V twins to stand up for Communist Superiority.


Still eating crayons I see.

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