To The Daily Sun,

The liberal climate-change narrative is a farce. They say carbon is killing the environment but in reality carbon is what makes up a good part of the earth. I have noticed a lot of green moss all over, in different areas that never had it a few years ago. I checked to see what can be put on the soil and the first thing that is mentioned is carbon. Fossil fuels are called the killer, if there is one doing it, but they emit carbon dioxide just like you do when you breath out. Carbon promotes photosynthesis and lets plants thrive but Al Gore sits and makes millions of dollars by saying carbon is bad.

Real climate scientists say the earth has only warmed nine tenths of a farenete degree since 1900. Those promoting this are weather people, not climate scientists. EPA and those environmentalists who claim this have made changes to the earths atmosphere but they may be the culprits who are doing harm. Science has been able β€” real scientists, not AOC or Al Gore β€” have been able to take coal emissions and make coal from it.

They claim the ice cap is melting; maybe, but it has melted before but we did not have the technology to see or monitor it before now we can its considered a crisis. Look at the amount of carbon emitted by Mount St. Helens in 1980 β€” massive amounts of carbon and nitrogen; yes it slowed groeth the first year but the forests and the earth have recovered, except where the lava caused destruction.

I was always taught you can't change mother nature but a lot of people think they can and they don't want to think they are contributing to the problems with their actions. Those who believe in climate change the way it's being pushed today are contributing to a lot of headaches down the road, but time will tell and i won't be around to see it. There are man-made things that could harm humans; some are growing but they push things they think are right and admonish those who speak against.

Have a nice day. It's been pretty much and old fashioned winter. I know i will get some who say I am crazy but sometimes the shoe fits the other foot.

Gary Manson


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Common Sense

If you say so, college boy.

Alan Moon

Climate change is real! But I can fix it for you for one billion, no wait,. One Trillion Dollars! You can believe me- I'm not like the others.


Sounds like Orange God ....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


It's growing because it's warmer and moister than before because the excess carbon dioxide is causing global warming. But please - eat more coal if it's so good for you


Wrong. Volcanic eruptions at the levels we are are familiar with cool the Earth via Sulfate particulates iwhich block sunlight All the heat-trapping aspects of Carbon in eruptions is negated by Sulfates which block out the Sun. Volcanic eruotions played a part in the Little Uxe Age, too. Your mistake regarding volcanoes is a common one along climate science deniers who don't know the actual science




No meat Mondays in NY will save the planet and offset China's carbon emissions! Wait, isn't the city going bankrupt? Great deflection from the real problem.


So if China won't do the right thing, we shouldn't either? Just. Wow.


Yes, your an expert at it Chrissy.

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