To The Daily Sun,

I outlined in three previous letters how Democrats and the mainstream media systematically deceived American citizens into supporting BLM and critical race theory. That’s not the only deception they’re perpetrating. The “insurrection hoax” is following a similar pattern. What started as a peaceful protest did turn into a riot and this letter is not intended to minimize or excuse the damage done. Those rioters attacking police should receive the same punishment as the BLM and Antifa thugs that attacked police last year during those riots. No more and no less. That’s not what’s happening!

The intent of this letter is to explain how Democrats and the MSM used “influence” tactics to elevate what was a “riot” into an “insurrection.” It started immediately with “pluralist arrogance,” the principle that states if “everyone” is upset then something “must” be wrong. Democrats and the MSM projected “horror” as they showed rioters scaling walls to enter the capitol.

To further the “insurrection” narrative the capitol was encircled with a barbed wire fence for four months to protect law makers from “insurrectionists.” None ever came because there never were any to begin with. There was one officer murdered,, by Noah Green at a check point. Green was Black and a member Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. That story was quickly suppressed. The purpose of the wall around the capitol was “social proof” that lawmakers were in danger. They weren’t but for those who “believe” the MSM it doesn’t matter.

As further “social proof” capitol police and DC metropolitan police were awarded gold medals. The purpose was again to elevate a riot into an “insurrection.” Were the officers protecting the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon awarded gold medals after more than 50 days of assaults by Antifa? No, they were called “storm troopers” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The MSM followed her lead and published many false claims. Homeland Security’s response:

Additionally, the MSM accused the DC mob of multiple “murders” yet not a single rioter was been charged. The only murder was of Ashli Babbitt by Lt. Michael Byrd. Instead of a public trial like Derek Chauvin where a video that created the most destructive civil disorder this country has ever seen, the capitol video footage is censored and Officer Byrd was cleared of all wrongdoing without trial.

The final “social proof” was the number of resources the Federal Bureau of Investigation has dedicated to rounding up those involved on Jan. 6, 570 at this point. Reuters, Aug. 20, “FBI finds scant evidence capitol attack was coordinated:”

Not to worry though, Congress has convened a “special” committee to release what they want you to see to keep the insurrection narrative alive. Why? Because the FBI needs evidence, Congress doesn’t! George Orwell said it best in 1946, “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder [Ashli Babbitt] respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Bruce Jenket


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Bruce, here's a question that you need to answer: why do you hate America? Has America treated you poorly? Are you angry because you never made anything of yourself and now want to place blame elsewhere? Seek counseling.


Insurrection Hoax?

What the kind of Dumb Bell are you?

Yeah, it was hoax, Nitwit, it was made up and broadcast on television in real time while Trump Moron's were ransacking and trashing our Capital Building.

I guess it good that we have a free press in this country, it allows Nitwits like you to send in really stupid, conspiracy laden nonsense to warn the public that there are people out there that are not right in the head.

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