To The Daily Sun,

The following is to my friends, associates, and those who are on the opposite side of my political philosophy:

I am asking that they read the following heartfelt words from me, very carefully (re-read as necessary and keep them in mind).

We will, as goodhearted and sincere people, now look forward to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris taking us to a mindset of healing. Their words and actions will speak for themselves.

They have much to do, undo, reorder, cancel, delete, invalidate, offset and replace. To many of us, it might seem to be a Herculean task... as more and more information about what this administration is finding and announcing...there are too many nonexistent plans from Trump and his administration. Sadly, we are not surprised.

Just as President Biden has stated a few times since the inauguration, we know full well that it's truly going to get worse before it gets much better. We now know that he meant this statement in more ways than one.

Four years of Trump took this nation to new lows, broken promises, exaggerations, outrageous claims, hideous and horrific behaviors, unconscionable decisions, and a host of other lawlessness.

With this said, please know that what is needed now is togetherness, cooperation, and faith. Faith in knowing that President Biden and Vice President Harris are more than willing to strive to work toward the healing of the nation as their first priority.

Biden and Harris will get lots of unnecessary flack and heartache from those who are opposed to their core and sincere philosophy of leading. The rabble-rousers in Congress will no doubt try to obstruct at every turn. Sadly, we don't expect much cooperation. Four years of nonexistent cooperation, pessimism, and cynicism has caused us to be very leery and cautious.

I say, let's hope for some reluctant cooperation from the other side of the aisle. And then let's be accepting of what's offered. Let us all be part of the healing. Let us show by our example that we are willing to help this administration. "When they go low, we go high."

Bernadette Loesch


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What planet is V on?


What basement u I n NH guy?


Are you referring to the same type of cooperation the Republicans got for the last four years? I can't believe that you want conservatives to bend over backwards for China Joe when the Dems did nothing but harass, investigate and condemn the President of the United States for 4 years - and won't stop even after he leaves office. What a hypocrite you are.


Funny that you think democrats were uncooperative when republicans version of cooperation is something along the lines of "our way or the highway". Negotiating & compromising are not usually considered " bending over backwards " so it's very telling that you think they are! Something else that tells us all so much about you is your use of terms such as "China Joe". The orange guy with tiny hands that ran this country like it was his own failing business/university was a corrupt, chronic liar who tried to upend our Democratic system when he didn't get his way yet never took any responsibility for his actions! I don't see how we can have unity when we still have to deal with people who aren't even living in reality & refuse to see what's been in front of them this whole time (but they often believe conspiracy theories that have been debunked...?)! I'm beginning to think we'll have to do this on our own. But that's ok! We can create a beautiful country where everyone is accepted as they are, the government invests in green energy & believes in science, and those that should be held accountable, are! Can't wait! It sounds wonderful to me... so sad that some will be too stuck-in-their-ways to enjoy it!


It’s a nice thought

Alan Moon

After years of reading your offensive letters Ms. Loesch, I'd sooner kiss a skunk.

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