It took six months to send a few dollars of our money back when all our elected officials were well aware of how desperate many constituents are. During the time they were fighting with the Republicans, people were still dying of COVID, suicide, and overdoses; they were still losing their jobs and their businesses were closing for good.  It was very distressing to listen to Speaker Pelosi on all the talk shows Sunday and to think the most important thing to do this week is to impeach a President who has six days left in his term.

My heart is broken for what we have done to our country.  This country is deeply divided and the disrespect, verbal abuse, and destruction of our first amendment is at an all-time high.  We have a president-elect who says he wants to and will unite the country, and then continues to use the same disparaging and demeaning rhetoric regarding those with opposing views.  

Our country has suffered great losses this last year but the most profound loss is the trust we once could have in our media and elected officials.  Trust is a precious commodity. We have half a country that doesn’t trust the other half. How do you heal a divide like that?  I’m not seeing genuine interest or action towards that end.  Actions and silence send a much louder message than we realize; I won. I don’t care. Don’t bother me. You don’t matter. The end justifies whatever I did to win. Trust is almost impossible to regain; especially trust of those who fail to keep us informed truthfully and of those elected who fail to serve the best interest of the nation and its citizens.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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