To The Daily Sun,

On Oct 7, Senator Chris Coons (D-Del) reported on his meeting with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. He made a point of saying that he never questioned her faith but he did ask her “…whether she’s someone who believes in a living Constitution or in originalism, …”. This struck a note with me because I have heard the discussion on several occasions about whether or not our Constitution is a “living” document. It appears that many people feel our Constitution should morph or be considered in light of how we are living our lives today.

If we feel our Constitution should be changed, we have a process in place to do that. Three-fourths of both houses must propose the amendment and it must be ratified by two-thirds of the states or vice versa. Or it may be ratified by special convention in three-fourths of the states. This is a fair and equitable method for all Americans.

On Oct 8, the man asking for my vote to be the next president told us the he would inform the American people of his position on “packing” the Supreme Court AFTER the election. I believe we deserve to have the answers to our questions regarding future policies for our country from a potential candidate before we cast our vote.

This reminded me of another incidence when we had to “vote for the Affordable Care Act so we would know what was in it.” What’s up with a political party’s philosophy of vote and find out! This is not a slot machine.

And Oct. 9, Speaker Pelosi announces creating a commission based on the 25th Amendment to judge whether or not the president is fit to continue in office. Really! You haven’t thought he was fit for office since before he was elected.

When the coronavirus was getting a foothold in our country, our Congress was busy impeaching the president and inviting everyone to Chinatown. Now, instead of sitting down and working until they reach a compromise to provide relief for those affected by the coronavirus, Congress is flying off on another tangent. Shows you where their priorities lie and you should believe them.

Althea Dunscombe

Center Harbor

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Keep making excuses for ur God Dumpy.


perfect comments, well said.

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