Throughout recorded history, Jewish people have been under siege. They have never been a dominant population, always a minority. And, for much of history, they were essentially homeless; they didn’t have a country they could call their own. One would be hard pressed to come up with a valid reason for the bigotry that has been plaguing them from the beginning, except for the fact that it appears they were the first people to worship a Deity that wasn’t an object or a Pharaoh.

Sadly, without reason, the bigoty and hatred towards the Jews is on the rise in Europe and other countries and right here at home, from a member of Congress, a Democrat representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar.

The world has a population of 7.7 billion people but only 14.7 million of them are Jewish; less than two tenths of one percent. Almost 43 percent of all Jewish people live in Israel; 6.3 million. Israel is one of the most integrated countries in the Middle East, as 2.1 million of the Israeli population of are non-Jewish; mainly Arab.

Those who express their anti-Semitism either don’t know or simply disregard the contributions Jewish people have made to the betterment of society. For example, the First World War pitted the Austrian-German Empire and the Ottoman Empire against the alliance of France, England, and Russia. The fight was at a stalemate and the Russians were on the verge of shifting their allegiance to the Germans. If they did so, the world would have been forever changed and we would all be living under a tyrannical government. However, British Lord Arthur J. Acton met with British Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild, a very prominent Jew, and asked him to try and convince Russian Jewish oligarchs to influence the Russian government to stay with the France-England alliance until the United States could get its troops across the ocean to join in the fight against Germany. Lord Acton offered that if that could be accomplished, the alliance members would work toward getting the Jews a homeland back in the Middle-East. Baron Rothschild and the Jewish-Russian oligarchs were successful and the United States entry into the war turned the tide and the German alliance was defeated.

Fulfilment of the promise of a Jewish homeland didn’t occur until 1947, when the United Nations passed Resolution 181 granting that, based on the size of each of the Jewish and Arab resident populations that existed at that time, the Jews were assigned the territory that became Israel, and the Arabs (who had no specific homeland as there was no such thing as a “Palestinian”) were granted the remaining land for their home. Israel agreed to and immediately signed the resolution but, to this day, the Palestinians have never agreed to the resolution. To get an appreciation for the continuing struggle the Israeli’s have faced since 1947, take a look at this Wikipedia link to see how many times they have been attacked and under siege by their Arab neighbors since Resolution 181 was passed. (

Baron Rothschild and the Jewish oligarchs in Russia delivered on their promise and the world was saved from tyranny. And they have been under siege and have had to defend themselves ever since.

Another thing to consider is how each ethnic group has contributed to society. One measure of that is to look at how many Jewish people have earned and been awarded Nobel prizes. Think about this set of numbers: Jews are slightly less that two tenths of one percent of the world population yet they have been awarded 22 percent of all Nobel Prizes. They have received 36 for Chemistry, 32 for Economics, 15 for Literature, 9 for Peace, 55 for Physics, and 56 for Medicine, a total of 203.

It is sad to say that in this great nation, we have some in power who repeatedly express their anti-Semitism and, sadly further, that fellow politicians don’t have the courage to condemn it. People hurl invectives and call names at those who don’t agree with them politically but stay silent as anti-Semitism continues to grow. It must be stopped.

No one wins in a game of hate.

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident. He may be reached at

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Alan Moon

I would be interested how many Muslims have received a Nobel Prize. sounds like they outnumber the Jews by at least a thousand to one.


Only 12 Nobel winners. There are over 1.8 billion Muslims and they are growing fast. They make up almost 25% of the total world-wide population.


Alan - Islam is 600 years younger than Christianity and a 1000 younger than Judaism. But where they come from was the cradle of civilization for thousands of years and you're wondering "Yeah - but what have you done for me lately?!" The largest Muslim populations aren't exactly techo-showcases . Who actually CARES about many Nobel prizes awarded to Muslims? Only Islamophobes would do that. So very sad the degrees of bias that M&M (Meade & Moon) continue to display. But tell us how many Nobel prize have been win by someone from NH?? I can tell you. It's 1. 85 years ago. So while you kvetch about Muslims you're surrounded by people who accomplish ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - Just like the 2 of you.


Mr. V, It appears that you believe that if someone is curious about how many people of Muslim faith received a Nobel award, that curiosity alone makes them an Islamaphobe. In your binary world, what would your reaction be if someone simply decided that, since you had an objection to that curiosity, it might be that you did so because you were an anti-Semite? As you can see, name calling doesn’t solve anything, it just makes it worse. Facts are better than supposition. Make an argument, not an enemy.


No. Mister Moon's comment is classic bias and one that he's unleashed before. It isn't curiosity - it's a condemnation.

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