A large tractor-trailer maneuvers a 40 ton transformer into position at the Eversouce electric substation on Messer Street in Laconia on Thursday. (Photo by Alan MacRae/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

LACONIA — It’s not every day a 41-ton piece of electrical equipment gets delivered, but the new transformer for the Eversource Messer Street Substation arrived without a hitch on Thursday.

Transformers change the voltage of electricity. Power delivered to the substation is stepped down to travel over lines that deliver electricity to homes and businesses.

Given its weight, it’s a good thing the transformer was installed on the ground level.

Kaitlyn Woods, a spokeswoman for Eversource, said the transformer was built by a domestic supplier in Roanoke, Virginia.

“We are investing about $5 million for the project to modernize our Messer Street substation, which includes the replacement of an aging transformer with our new transformer, the installation of smart switch technology and other associated upgrades,” she said.

“This investment will enhance reliability for thousands of our customers in the Lakes Region and is part of our foundational work to solve the future energy needs of our customers and integrate new renewable energy sources and energy storage in the future.”

The substation is receiving upgrades that will make it easier to isolate trouble spots and reroute power to customers so that the number and duration of power outages are reduced.

“Making our delivery network even more reliable and flexible is critical to ensuring that we can solve the future energy needs of our customers and integrate new renewable energy sources and energy storage in the future,” said Eversource NH Vice President of Electric Operations Joe Purington.

The project to modernize the substation is expected to be complete this summer.

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