BELMONT — Police are crediting the Neighborhood Watch program for alerting them to activity that led to three arrests on Sept. 16.

Lt. Richard Mann said an Arlene Drive resident reported a suspicious vehicle at an abandoned residence at 8:20 p.m. Saturday, and police found three adults, one of whom had outstanding warrants and two had drugs in their possession.

Mariah Vetrone, 26, of Meredith provided a false name and date of birth, according to police, in order to keep them from learning of the outstanding warrant for misdemeanor criminal trespass from the Gilmanton Police Department and several electronic bench warrants from the courts.

Police also arrested the two men Vetrone was with after discovering narcotic drugs in their possession, Mann said.

Christopher B. Hodges, 41, of Laconia, faces two Class B felony counts of illegal possession of a controlled narcotic drug for having a bag containing amphetamine and a quantity of the drug Suboxone. He is scheduled to appear in Belknap County Superior Court on Oct. 5.

William J. Vanderhoef, 33, of Gilford faces a Class B felony charge of illegal possession of the controlled narcotic drug, Lorazepam. Mann said Vanderhoef also had a number of other pills that are unidentified and were sent to the state laboratory for testing. He is scheduled to appear in Belknap County Superior Court on Sept. 28.

“The fact a neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch sign should deter people from engaging in criminal activity,” said Mann. “Those residents have declared that they place heavy emphasis on the safety of their neighborhood.

“The Belmont police will do everything in our power to keep our neighborhoods and residents safe. Actively investigating drug crimes and taking steps to deter the scourge of drug addiction we are facing in this state is big part of our job and we take that responsibility very seriously. Deploying our bike patrols to quietly patrol neighborhoods, using our department’s K-9 to his fullest abilities and engaging in saturation patrols of areas of town where our statistics show a higher call volume will continue to be a top priority for this agency.”

To let police know of a crime, call 603-267-8350.

William J. Vanderhoef

Mariah Vetrone

Christopher B. Hodges

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