GILFORD – Voters passed all of the articles on the ballot — including petitioned articles to support outside agencies — except for an article that would have allowed keno games in Gilford and another that would have moved the date of the balloting to the second Tuesday in May.

Gilford was one of 34 towns considering the permitting of Keno 603 this year. Sixty-six communities already allow the game and they report none of the anticipated problems that kept other towns and cities from approving the game when the state first rolled it out in December 2017. Nevertheless, many communities have said the game does not fit their community.

Petitioners seeking a move of the election date argued that bad weather has made it difficult for some people — particularly the elderly and disabled — to get to the polls, and also that those who spend the winters in warmer climates did not always file absentee ballots.

Tuesday's weather was almost spring-like, but the turnout was still only 17 percent — the same as during the winter weather of 2018. Turnout in 2017 was 16 percent; 2016 was 23 percent; 2015 was 17 percent; 2014 was 16 percent; and 2013 was 14 percent.

Elections: Contested races: Selectman (one seat) — Gus Benavides, 778; Mark J. LaRocque, 247. Budget Committee (three seats) — Sean P. Murphy, 659; Dorothy Piquado, 574; Michael Dowe, 455; Timothy D. Sullivan, 440; S. Peter Karagianis, 436; Rick S. Notkin, 353. Uncontested Races: Trustee of Trust Funds — William Chris Ray Jr., 913. Library Trustee — Alexis R. Jackson, 839; Michael D. Marshall, 743. Cemetery Trustee — Everette Peter Allen, 6 write-ins. Fire Engineer — 952.

Operating Budget: $13,657,901.

Police Collective Bargaining Agreement: 901-180 (Approved).

Recycling Center Improvements: 730-366 (Approved).

Keno: 497-582 (Defeated).

Election Day Date Change: 275-821 (Defeated).

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