Elections: Water Commissioner (one seat) — Richard MacDonald, 290; Timothy MacDonald, 253. Planning Board for three years (two seats) — Andrew "Drew" Carter, 410; Russell J. Wilder, 398; Peter S. Bolster, 288. Planning Board for one year (one seat) — David R. Hussey, 361; Stephen Copithorne, 251.

Operating Budget: $7,931,766 (default budget).

Outside Storage of Products Marketed Online: Proposed Zoning Amendment, 281-383 (Defeated).

Discontinue Board of Water Commissioners: 433-291 (Passed).

Petitioned Articles: Rescind lake frontage requirement adopted in 2018 — 331-354 (Defeated); Add $950,000 to Highway Construction Capital Reserve Fund — 169-547 (Defeated); Pave Hayes Road — 359-353 (Passed).


Elections: Selectmen (two seats) — Sean Dunne, 331; Ed Tasker, 293; Gary Madden, 219; Margaret Cipriano, 194; Sandra Demars, 190. Planning Board (two seats) — David Kerr, 402; Elaine Swinford, 376; Matthew K. Furtney, 308.

Adopt Official Ballot (SB2): 319-325 (Defeated).

Zoning Amendments: All approved.

Town Meeting: Saturday, March 16, 9 a.m., Barnstead Elementary School.


Election: No contested races.

Zoning Amendments: All passed.

Town Meeting: March 13, Results to follow.


Elections: Selectman (one seat) — Mark Warren, 447; Vincent "Vinnie" Baiochetti, 414; Stephen McWhinnie, 133. Town Treasurer (one seat) — Glen A. Waring, 634; Joseph S. Haas Jr., 201.

Budget: $4,118,181.

Stage Road Bridge Replacement: 811-168 (Passes).

Crystal Lake Bridge: 817-150 (Passes).

Revaluation: 608-352 (Passes).

Capital Reserve Funds: All pass except for Recycling and Transfer Station appropriation of $30,000 (472-498) and Academy Building appropriation of $30,000 (309-631).

Establish Parks & Rec Facility Repair Capital Reserve Fund: 403-537 (Defeated).

Establish Parks & Rec Equipment Capital Reserve Fund: 670-276 (Passes).

Assessment of Iron Works Old Town Hall: 673-310 (Passes).

Petitioned Articles: Gilmanton Year-Round Library — 600-404 (Passes); Public Access to Academy Building — 771-208 (Passes).


Elections: No contested races.

Budget: $2,935,349.

Town Office Upgrade: 178-79 (Passes).

Brook Road Bridge Replacement: 205-48 (Passes).

Road Resurfacing Project: 202-53 (Passes).

Road Surface Management: 137-115 (Passes).

Police Cruiser: 166-86 (Passes).

Fire Pumper: 200-54 (Passes).

Extrication Equipment: 204-50 (Passes).

Security Update: 170-83 (Passes).

EMS Equipment: 204-51 (Passes).

Petition: $6,100 for Village Cemetery — 188-69 (Passes).

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