LACONIA — During the month of September on LRPA After Dark, celebrate Hollywood’s silent film era each Friday and Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. with the second annual Silent September film festival. Next up on Sept. 14 is 'Safety Last!' starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis.

In 'Safety Last!' the Boy, Lloyd, leaves his small town for the big city to make his fortune. He promises his fiancee the Girl, Davis, Lloyd’s real-life wife, that he will send for her as soon as he makes good. The Boy gets a menial job, and spends his entire paycheck on a pendant to impress the girl, which he sends with a letter that exaggerates his position. Thrilled, the Girl visits him in the city, and the Boy panics, resulting in comic misadventures.

Harold Lloyd, along with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, is considered one of the three great silent era comedians. Unlike his contemporaries, Lloyd was trained as a Shakespearean actor. He also not, by his own admission as well as those by close family and friends, a particularly funny person; everything that Lloyd knew about comedy he learned the hard way. 'Safety Last!' is considered to be among Lloyd’s best works. It was the highest-grossing comedy of 1923, breaking box office records that year. 

The Silent September lineup continues Sept. 20-21 with 1919’s 'Male and Female' and Sept. 27-28 with 1922’s 'Nanook of the North.' Coming in October is LRPA’s 4th annual Shocktober filmfest.

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