Meredith Police

Meredith Police: Officer Will Goulet, Altrusan Judy Hodges, Detective Corporal John Eichhorn and Lieutenant Mike Harper. (Courtesy photo)

MEREDITH — Are you a resident who may require emergency assistance in the home for yourself or someone in your care? Meredith Altrusa is providing an Emergency Medical Information Packet to eligible residents. A similar community service project was introduced in Meredith more than 13 years ago under the auspices of Meredith Altrusa, Meredith Rotary, and local Kiwanis Clubs. Following the Covid pandemic, it has been renewed by Altrusa and funded through a grant to our local Club, awarded by Altrusa International Foundation.

Packet locations include: LRVNA, Interlakes Community Caregivers, Stewart’s Ambulance, Meredith Library, Moultonborough Library, Center Harbor Library, Sandwich Library, Meredith Town Offices, Meredith Fire Department, Meredith Police Department, Meredith Community Center, Dr. Misiewicz, Altrusa Community Dinners, Center Harbor Town Offices, Moultonborough Family Medicine, and Belknap Family Healthcare (now Concord Hospital-Meredith).

Feel free to take one of the magnetized packets at any of these locations, to complete a current record of personal medical needs and directives, up-to-date medications, drug contradictions, emergency contact, and brief medical history. There’s also a window sticker to alert first responders to the location of the packet in your home, most popular, being the kitchen refrigerator. If needed, ask your medical advisor for assistance in completing the insert, put a small photo of yourself or the house companion in the front pocket, and you will be prepared for emergency responses in your home. Medical personnel and first responders can access the File of Life upon their arrival, enabling them to treat you appropriately and get you to a medical facility quickly if necessary.

Should you require more than one insert for the home residents, please feel free to take the required number, or contact Altrusa of Meredith for additional ones at

This service project is provided by the Community Service Committee of Meredith Altrusa and funded by the Altrusa International Foundation.

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