People often think of epoxy and instantly think of the inexpensive DIY kits available in the big box stores. Many of you might even be thinking of a failed experience using it yourself in your garage, or basement. Don’t let that experience hold you back from creating a unique space customized to your personality and style. Websites like Pinterest and home improvement magazines have made it fun & easy to get ideas. They are chock full of unique designs, vibrant colors, and beautiful custom epoxy creations that blow the mind. It’s no wonder why this floor system is becoming more and more popular with designers, and home builders. It fills a niche for homeowners looking for something unique, and different and lets them express their own unique personality with colors and designs.

Some homeowners opt for a terrazzo look created by using flakes of all sizes and color, but the options just start here. Epoxy flake floor systems can mimic real stone or can be used to create that insignia color for your favorite sports team, or motorcycle brand. The design and colors options seem almost endless. There are even more natural flakes made of real wood & mica giving you an amazing custom finish. There’s even flakes that glow in the dark, and flakes that respond to black light creating a truly fun effect. While this might not be your cup of tea that’s okay. The styles are virtually endless. Some may opt for a bright vibrant solid color epoxy that even the most colorful of tiles pale in comparison too.

Epoxy coatings really get interesting when it comes to three-dimensional options. The most popular of these options is metallic epoxy flooring which has a pearlescent, 3D effect that can resemble water, marbleized stone, even molten lava flows in vibrant colors. For something really unique consider adding your favorite sports team logo sealed between layers of epoxy in your theatre room, or man cave. Many think that epoxy is a newer material that has recently shown up over the last few years. The fact is epoxy has been around for many years dating back to the 1930 where it was created to be used in dentures, and eventually adhesives, and industrial applications. It is the versatility of epoxy that has helped it find its way into the mainstream and into residential homes across the country. You’ll commonly see it used for beautiful countertop creations, custom furniture, custom flooring systems, and even beautiful wall applications. Mainly because as technology has evolved its given the manufacturers of epoxy the ability to make it more attractive and less industrial feeling which has propelled this trend forward very quickly.

Gone are the days of epoxy being used only in industrial areas, hospitals, and garages. Today's epoxy flooring solutions are limited only by your own imagination and budget. Speaking of budget, many people have misconceptions on the costs of epoxy flooring options and are often pleasantly surprised how it compares to other high quality traditional flooring choices on the market today. While there are many different variations of epoxies available its best to talk to an experienced epoxy flooring contactor to discuss which products are right for your application. So next time you’re considering what to do for a flooring option in your mancave, finished basement, garage, or living room consider all your options and talk to a professional epoxy floor contractor and make your dream space become a reality.


Jason Briand is the Owner of Lakes Region Epoxy in Bristol NH. He can be reached at for comments or questions.

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