I certainly hope that readers have the intelligence to take Kristina Snyder’s comments with a huge dump truck full of rock salt. I honestly believe that she would not know conservation or good wild lands stewardship if it bit her back-side.

In the not so distant past a NH island had a sizable deer herd. Come hunting season, the residents of the island decided to post it “no hunting”, so autumn fled, winter came, followed by spring – and the islanders were not happy. Their deer population had grown such that it had stripped its “wild” food, and were becoming a nuisance stripping the shrubs and trees in the residents’ yards. They called the NH Fish and Game to come fix the problem. NH Fish and Game hired a hunter to shoot the deer out of season, bringing the herd down to levels the island habitat could again sustain.

Trapping, like hunting, IS a conservation tool. It is used to keep animal species from over populating and destroying their habitats. Managing wildlife populations is good wild lands stewardship. Kristina Snyder and her ilk would much rather have the animals over populating and dying of starvation and disease, or becoming such nuisances that her kind pitch fits and demand that the problems they created be fixed “right now” by NH Fish and Game.

Oh – and Ms. Snyder told a bold faced lie: “there is no money in the fur anymore nobody really wears it (not even the trappers)”. While Fur Commission USA is specific to the US Mink Farming industry, there is still money in fur: https://furcommission.com/fur-industry-statistics/ While I could not find the most recent data from the Fur Information Council of America, this again shows that the fur industry is alive and well in America: https://www.fur.org/fica-facts.

So, please take Ms. Snyder’s slander with a truck load of rock salt. Go, enjoy the Rendezvous. Take some time to learn some American History, traditions and good conservation and wild lands stewardship from those who actually know what they are doing.

A.C.R. Piper


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