To The Daily Sun,

To the person who wrote in who didn’t seem to think he deserved a $310 fine for not removing snow and ice from his car, or to anyone for that matter: just because you’re older, unable, or just plain lazy, doesn’t exempt you from the law. The law is the law. People have been killed by ice chunks and snow flying off of cars. If you can’t get the snow and ice off, then you should stay home and not drive.

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure snow is removed from your car and it is on safe working order for the road, regardless of age or ability. I have had several near misses myself with almost getting hit by flying snow and ice. It really upsets me people put other lives in danger because they can’t do a simple thing.

Dee Morrissette


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If I see someone with a ton if snow or ice on car, I will call the police and give them their license plate number and where they are on the road


Thank you! 👍🏻

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