To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Goldstein's letter of Feb. 2 asks the editor of this paper directly why he saw fit to reprint the AP letter attacking "Nationalist Christians" and I for one would like to hear his response. Does not Ms. Goldstein spell out perfectly how the left is and has been acting as Nazis in Germany did under Hitler in the 30s? Readers, did you read this? You should? Has anyone ever heard of a "Nationalist Christian" before this. I haven't? Something the left made up no doubt to justify attempts to discriminate against us. Why? Is believing in God immoral or unethical. No, but they seem to want to make it illegal. Last time I looked it wasn't Christians rioting, assaulting, burning and looting. Christians haven't been killing police officers, calling for defunding/disbanding law and order agencies of one kind or another. So tell me which one of the Ten Commandments calls for "radical terrorism." I missed that one. Is love thy neighbor a threat to peace and social order?

The "Deep State" (it's real, no mistaking that) in D.C. now is hunkered down with 17,000 troops camping in unheated parking garages, apparently terrified of the three quarters of people now living in the U.S. who didn't vote for them, that some tiny minority of that number are coming to get them. Silly aren't they? Who are the real extremists really? Those who believe in the Constitution, law and order, "treat others as you would have them treat you?" Or those who support anarchists, drug dealers, pornographers, sex traffickers' and other criminals?
So Mr. Editor what is your response to Ms. Hillary Goldstein? She asked a darn good question?
Steve Earle

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Alan Moon

A darn good question.

Jesus 2025

The Ten Commandments of the Left (of liberties)

There is no God

Our imperious leader comes before any god

If you must have gods you can have any except the Christian God

Glorify the name of our imperious leader

Remember the Tax Day and pay it happily

Ignore thy mother and thy father for you instinctively know better than they

You may kill anyone who does not follow the imperious leader

You may have any kind of sex you want

You may steal from the rich

You may covet anything someone else has that you don’t

The three negative corresponding commandments of Leftist ideology are;

Your king is your god

Do unto others before they do unto you

If anyone speaks the truth you are to mock and smear them as extremist nuts


Go away Lee.

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