To The Daily Sun,

Can’t play golf today, so I thought I would write a letter to the newspapers. Here are a few issues to think about:

•  Why are leftists celebrities, e.g., Tommy Lee threatening to move if Donald Trump is reelected? Do they think we care or know who they are?

•  Republican governors lead 9/10 states with the lowest unemployment rate, Democrat governors lead 9/10 of the states with the highest unemployment rate.

•  Red states thriving, blue states still on lockdown or lagging behind.

•  The left is calling for Senator Feinstein (D) to resign from her position on the Senate committee. Why, she hugged Sen. Graham. Crimes like this have consequences.

• Bret Baier, FNC stated that the suspension of Steve Scully is ‘a black eye for the Debate Commission’. So, is Chris Wallace, FNC.

•  It has been announced that people on Social Security are going to get a COLA of 1.3%. Under President Obama our COLA for 2010, 2011, and 2016 was zero (0).

•  Sen. Kamala Harris stated ‘it would be a disgrace to appoint Amy Coney Barrett to SCOTUS. Why, she is Catholic and pro-choice.

•  Do you think that the CCP has the Biden Family ‘under its thumb’? If Hunter Biden is not guilty, turn over proof. Did he collect money from the Chinese for favors from his father? If not, can I be considered for a job on the BoD of Burisma Oil?

God bless President Trump.

Jim Mayotte


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