To The Daily Sun,

"Isn't America great?" You can go to Walmart, a restaurant, a ball game, or a country fair with your family and learn how to run from a gunman as if you're living in a war zone. Would you like a round with that pizza?

More guns don't mean less crime. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that our gun murder rate is 20 times the average rate of the other 33 OECD nations (excluding Mexico because of their drug war). We have the second highest gun ownership rate in the world behind Yemen and that is reflected in our insanely high gun crime rates. A well armed society is not a safe society.

Politifact also confirmed that more Americans have died from gunshots on our own soil since 1968 than have died fighting in all of our wars combined More Americans were shot dead by Americans in the last year than all of the Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002. Isn't America great!

In 2017, Stanford Law School professor, John Donohue, and his team analyzed crime data from 1977 to 2014 and found that states that adopted right-to-carry concealed firearms laws (RTC) didn't make anyone safer. They found that states that adopted RTC had more violent crime than states that did not. Donohue noted, "There is not even the slightest hint in the data that RTC laws reduce overall violent crime." The findings, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that, "States that adopted RTC laws have experienced an average 13 percent to 15 percent increase in violent crime in the 10 years after enacting those laws." A 2014 study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research found that after Missouri's background check law was repealed in 2007, there was a sharp increase in both homicides and suicides committed with guns.

In 2014, a review of 15 extensive gun violence studies confirmed a clear association between gun ownership and violent death in the United States. The study, done at the University of California in San Francisco, found 14 studies where the odds of suicide went up anywhere from 1.5 times to 10-fold if people had access to guns. The same meta-study found that if people had access to guns, they were two to three times more likely to be killed themselves.

One of the most laughable claims I've seen recently was that gun control is a socialist conspiracy. A large majority of Americans only want a safer country and favor stronger gun control measures. The United States currently ranks 128th in the Global Peace Ranking out of 163 nations. That is pathetic, not great. The status quo has to go.

James Veverka


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