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Inalienable rights are the rights that all people are born with through the understanding God or our Creator endowed us with. This right and taking this knowledge explains and defines the word of personhood and the meaning of person and personification confirmed in the truth that all of humankind were created equal under the law of right, human rights.

It should be said of course, We the People are all persons, but then to apply that concept that a corporation has personhood, personhood is applied to the plural of persons individual in the corporation. Corporation on the other hand is not a God given right but is man-made and it is unseemly to give the power of individual to a plural separate from the whole of individual citizens. The “Bill of Rights” was written for the protection of the rights of a sovereign individual or state, not a special class of men unified against the whole affording special privilege. Quoting “a house divided against itself will fall,” not maybe.

Personhood of the corporation takes away the sovereignty of the citizen’s public good who are termed as the body, not incorporated though “through the consent of the governed,” citizens of the incorporated, “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” The Bill of Rights was written to secure and define and in addition, to strengthen these rights to be self-evident that “All men are created equal.” This is a very founding building block of a “democracy with a republican form of government.”

Putting all this aside, now ponder what is an authoritarian structure of rule. This comes by the contractual agreement not through the usurpation of inalienable rights pretext to all human rights and rights amended to the Constitution.

The Supreme Court decision of 1886, State of California vs. Southern Pacific Railroad created a ruling to a civil law suit in the structuring of language to argue a suite of back taxes on fences that the State of California was seeking to recover from the Southern Union Pacific Corporation. In this case, Article 14 from the U.S. Bill of Rights was used to grant the corporation personhood rights. There was dissent amongst the justices of the 9th district court taking Article 14 that was written to amend Article 13, the rights of freed slaves to uphold the protection of property rights of a disenfranchised people but it was Justice Waite presiding on the district court who stated, “we all agree in this court that corporations are guaranteed the property right written in the 14th Amendment” and was never opened to discussion or debate.

Ever since that time corporate law has empowered itself with private property rights that followed many other corporate privileges like state pre-emption and Dillon’s Rule. Corporations now have equal standing with the power of the state. We the People stand to lose in civil suits in the judicial court to protect ourselves from corporate projects that harm and undermine our rights as a collective body politic of our municipalities in which we live.

Since 2006, starting with Barnstead’s first-in-the-nation Water Rights & Self-Government local law, a growing number of New Hampshire communities have pushed back with rights-based ordinances (RBOs) affirming their inalienable right to self-govern and calling for state constitutional change recognizing local authority to afford greater protections for people and planet where higher government is not doing so. Almost a dozen communities have adopted RBOs, elevating the rights of people and natural environments above corporate claimed “rights” to harm them and use them as resource colonies for profit.

Corporate lobbyists are still seeking to press their corporate privilege against the people for their own profit, backed by a contingent of representatives and senators of an authoritarian ideal of state control over our municipalities. They exert this control by passing bills that infringe upon our sovereign rights as peoples of community, whittling away to create the path for corporate rights over real people — otherwise called the corporate-state.

We the people can’t remain stolid with a laissez-faire attitude. People are needed and to be heard in a civil exchange of ideas that are not innovative but are based on the original principal foundations of our governing body from the American Revolution In New Hampshire we say, “live free or die.” This is not brutish reasoning, it is transcendental.

To understand more about these issues and how to legalize a sustainable vision for your community contact the NHCRN at and NHCRN is non-profit-volunteer organization educating communities and electeds in how to protect our right to self-determination, empowering them with authority to legalize the vision they have, free from private corporate controls and government overreach.

Douglas Darrell

NHCRN Board Member

Center Barnstead


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