To The Daily Sun,

I read recently in The Laconia Daily Sun that the resistance to CRT instruction in Laconia Schools is conjured by “right wing crazies.” One of CRT’s founding fathers, Richard Delgado’s famous quotes in “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” came to mind:

“Critical Race Theory questions the very foundations of the Liberal Order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, enlightenment rationalism, and the neutral principles of constitutional law.”

As suggested above, the heavily propagandized CRT belief system exists wholly removed from Enlightenment Era values. Its advocates’ beliefs are contrary to the employment of social science and rationality in in public policy formation. They object to equality theory, which is the basis of our equality among citizens and as cited above they disagree with our constitutionally based rule of law.

The foundational CRT beliefs, as described by Richard Delgado are alluded to repeatedly in CRT literature by its Marxist and radical post-modern authors. Even a cursory reading of their efforts illustrates its science-free and racist assertions in CRT-oriented teacher professional development and the subsequent anti-intellectual and racist student curriculum often camouflaged with terms such as “Inclusion… Diversity… Social Justice” and “Equity.”

In sum, CRT advocates do not subscribe to the equality grounded political system employed by representative democracies such as the United States. As one delves into the teachings of CRT leader Ibram X Kendi, we learn that their brand of racism, which they call “anti-racism” which also demands substituting Capitalism for a state-controlled economy such as in the oh so popular flourishing societies relished by “citizen-captives” of Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea; societies supposedly based upon the Marxist value of “equity.”

Asserting that, as with the Laconia School Board, school boards across the nation are being swarmed with complaining parents because these parents are “right wing crazies” is a standard CRT tactic. It substitutes demeaning public name-calling for genuine intelligent argument. CRT trainer curriculum includes the learning and actual role-playing aspect of how to insult people in this manner. Its advantage is in distracting one from CRT’s difficult-to-cognitively-digest, core beliefs. In CRT make-believe language this mean-spirited tactic, is called “Upstanding.”

I congratulate the Laconia “Crazies” for absorbing these insults for our children’s and country’s well-being.

These complaining parents are not “right wing crazies.” They are informed Americans who object to the Marist, racist, and radical post-modern ideological erosion of the most beneficial governance in the history of the human race. Perhaps CRT advocates, so quick to demean their neighbors, yet unfamiliar with CRT’s core beliefs, could better inform themselves. Perhaps they will read Mr. Delgado’s comments again and consider the implications. Perhaps they will consider if they owe their Laconia neighbors an apology. Call me “crazy” but perhaps we should engage in substantive informed conversation from a posture of mutual respect.

Michael D. Breen, Ph.D.


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This attack on academic freedom is by the right wing.


I suspect I was the one who used the term "right wing crazies" and frankly you make my point. Your excessive rant on the topic is your way of keeping the word race in the conversation. No one heard ,least of all the informed Americans, about CRT until the Fox crowd decided it was a way of stirring the pot and guys like you jump in with your bunker mentality that applies all the sins of the world to others and laments the notion that someone would bring your participation to the attention of all for what it is . But you do raise a couple of issues worth addressing. "First it seems highly unlikely that we are about to fall into the hands of a modern day Stalin at least now that we are beyond the last 4 years replete with "papers please" "camps for the unworthy", "rocket man, Putin, Erdogan, Orban adoration, "those fine people on both sides", election tampering, insurrectionist rioting are behind us. If we can survive this we can survive some obscure tract that you have decided to wave around like it was a competing bible.

Also I am always taken aback when PhDs such as you wave around the most beneficial governance in the history of the human race. Even if it were true it is not because of what you believe. The US until around the time of Bill Clinton was ruled by elitest ,with the notable and unfortunate exception of Andrew Jackson, who took it upon themselves to govern in a way that promoted the development of the natural resources of the country, a country so vast that all prospered and found freedom at the fringes of society at the boundaries of the frontier. It has for the most part been decidedly undemocratic from the beginning. If it was socialism in any way it was to the benefit of the few not the many but not democratic . If your position on holding up the past it the "shining city on the hill" you probably need to adjust your binoculars. It isnt all bad but it has its serious flaws too. Please get over it. and stop finding things to complain about because some of the things you have believed in the past to be true are just not so.

I will be happy to respect a respected arguement. Please stop rallying your troops to utter nonsense and tell Fox to take thier conspiracy theories elsewhere.


I'm not sure why you put a PHD after your name, is it to impress people that you know what you are talking about?

Parents who object to their children learning about the history of this country regarding race, slavery and bigotry is a problem, and is something the right wing crazies are perpetuating with lies and misinformation.

I won't call people such as yourself who object to critical race theory or educating our children regarding America's original sin of race and slavery; but I'd say you've been misinformed or are exaggerating the issue to support your own right wing agenda.

What are you afraid of?


It's a right-wing talking point and agenda. As usual, the right wing is again denying reality

Michael Breen Ph.D.

I understand that you hate people you label as "right wing." Who knows; perhaps we all should. But you may want to think past this distraction and consider the emplications of what CRTers are telling you. this is their quote from one of the founding fathers. It is more important than your hatred of others. Why not read it again with its implications in mind. It is not an easy journey. I understand.


When are they ever in reality 🤣

Michael Breen Ph.D.

How is a quote describing the objectives of CRT, written by founders of CRT become a "right wing talking point?" I don't get it.

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