To The Daily Sun,

Much is being said about health care and what it costs, how it is administered and who profits from it. The public is being deceived about the private insurance approach. It is argued that our health care is inexpensive, with the most access and is better than any other systems. Not true.

Ask yourself how much do you pay in annual premiums? How much does your employer pay? The average family insurance plan is around $20,000 a year. That could be anywhere from 20% to 50% of the annual income of the middle class, working poor, those at the bottom of the ladder. That Is not inexpensive! Add to that … deductibles, co-pays and “not covered by policy” ploys. The administrative costs are huge when compared to the Canadian system. Five times as much …$812 billion a year.

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All plan will save $600 billion a year and make your lives better in collateral ways. The money you save will go into your and your employer’s pockets to spend on the other things you need.

Vote for Bernie Sanders on Feb. 11.

Terry Downs


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