To The Daily Sun,

The Bristol Budget Committee held its annual public hearing to present the finalized version of its budget Monday night at the town library. The largest item to be presented was a warrant article for the proposed $20 million sewer to the lake project. This item garnered uninformed support by the committee.

Due to a lack of information I chose to not support this expenditure. When asked if Newfound Lake has suffered degradation over the past 10 to 20 years and were there any studies to document this the answer was "yes" but no facts were presented. When asked how it would be financed the answer was through a combination of grants, user fees and general taxation. When asked the amount of grants the answer was we hope to get $10 million; when asked how much would be financed through user fees the answer was we don't know; when asked how much would be raised through taxation we were told, we don't know; when asked what the other communities on Newfound Lake were going to contribute we were told "nothing." Is this one of those, you'll have to vote for it to find out what's in it moments?

Newfound Lake is a beautiful Lake and I would hate to see it spoiled, but there are numerous sources of potential pollution that threaten the pristine condition that currently exists. Fertilizer runoff from residential and agricultural uses, milfoil and other invasive species inadvertently introduced by boaters, e-coli and human waste introduced by humans at public beaches, swimmer's itch by waterfowl.

Bristol is only one community that borders the lake, without the financial support and the commitment of other communities bordering Newfound Lake our efforts will be futile.

Paul Simard


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