To The Daily Sun,

In the Daily Sun's edition of Friday, Nov. 20, I was sorry to read the passing of Joanne Thurston. It is not often that you meet someone only a few times and feel so fortunate for that experience. In January 1985 I broke both of my heels in a construction accident. The same day of the accident I was transferred from Winthrop, Mass. to Laconia General Hospital. I was very lucky to have Dr. Kathelen Robinson as my doctor. She fitted me with two water-proof walking casts, and within a few days she prescribed therapy at the Laconia YMCA. The first day there I had the privileged of meeting Don and Joan Thurston. I asked if they were the owners of the Thurston Marina and they said yes. Well here were two people that I had never met in my life but treated me like I had been a friend all my life, to say I was impressed was an understatement. I got to know them only a couple of months, but I never forgot for over 35 years.

Later on I met one of their sons, Mark. I always loved politics so I was lucky enough to be involved in many campaigns over the years. When I wasn't sure which way to go with certain candidates I sought out Mark. I have always been thankful for the advice he gave me. Being me and honest I was disappointed in one that was elected. No hard feelings Mark.

My heart goes out to Mark and the rest of his family. Memories like this don't happen to often. I am a lucky man to have experienced it.

L. Michael Hatch


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