To The Daily Sun,

Well the N.H. primaries are done and we know who our candidates are for November. Now it is time for us to get on with the race for president.

After our years of the Democrats throwing everything they could against President Trump, not one thing has stuck. Now they have nominated bumbling Joe Biden as their candidate for president. Things have improved a little for him, as they have let Him out of his cellar a few times. If he is talking, you know there is a "teleprompter" in view. He even use's one at news conferences. Boy isn't it going to fun at any debate. As it is, he gets confused time after time.

This is a man who last year showed why he isn't mentally capable to be president.He starts his campaign with many of his crazy comments, He was honored to be the candidate for Senate in 3030. Then there is him missing a appointment with Nelson Mandela. He explained that before he could go he was locked up in jail.

Being 78, my memory isn't as good as it use to be, but is good enough to remember that a few months ago he was against fossil fuels and is now for it. He hasn't said anything about it lately but points His finger at a Black man and says, "if you don't vote for me you aren't black."

I agree with that, there are millions of us out who aren't Black and we aren't going to vote for him either. He would like every voter in the country to mail their votes in — that includes illegal immigrants and felons. Can you remember when they had many dead people voting and paying people to vote multiple times?

It is rumored that in many large city's controlled by Black mayors, local BLM members are running his campaign. To be effective, they don't use signs to show their support; they riot, burn, loot, and beat citizens and the police.

There are many more things that define Sleepy Joe and I would love to hear even one of his supporters explain why this would be good for our country. Just last night, on the news, it was reported even Bernie was complaining that Joe hasn't gone far enough to the left and AOC and the rest of the big four should have more say. It is going to be fun waiting for someone to defend all this.

Don't hold your breath.

L. Michael Hatch


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