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I am a Registered Nurse and have been for over 47 years. I started my career as an Operating Room Nurse and wore a surgical face mask all day long to protect my patients from my respiratory secretions. All who work in a sterile environment are required to do so. The hours can be long, and not a single health care worker ever developed any health related issues to the long mask wearing.

Eighteen months ago, I was asked to come out of retirement to assist with New Hampshire's COVID response. My role as a Public Health Nurse for the State of New Hampshire was titled Subject Matter Expert in Infectious Disease, as it was before my initial retirement in 2018. I responded to calls and emails with questions and concerns from physicians, PA’s, Nurse Practitioners and clinicians from emergency rooms throughout the state, school nurses and daycare providers as well as the general public. All of the callers wanted to do the right thing for their patients, family and friends.

I want the Laconia School system to do the right thing for the protection of all our children and our staff.

Currently there is substantial transmission of COVID-19 in all 10 New Hampshire counties.

On Aug. 31, the state announced 337 cases. There had been an average of 252 cases per day over the most recent seven-day period. This is a 42-percent increase compared to the previous seven-day period. Just for comparison, when I ended my employment in July, the daily case rate was between 30-40.

Data as of Aug. 31: Belknap County showed a seven-day positivity rate of 6.6 percent. In Belknap County over the last seven days there were 440 new cases!

In Laconia, over the last 14 days, there were 103 cases. However, we cannot look at Laconia alone as people travel here from all over the county to work and play (never mind from the entire state and those from outside New Hampshire).

What are the Best Practices for keeping safe in school?

July 19: American Academy of Pediatrics put out a statement that everyone in school from 2 years and older should wear masks.

Aug. 31: CDC says: “To maximize protection from the Delta variant (which is twice as infectious and multiplies more than twice as fast) and prevent possibly spreading it to others, get vaccinated as soon as you can and wear a mask.

Please be aware that both pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission are possible – even common. Studies have found that viral load peaks in the days before symptoms begin and that speaking is enough to expel virus-carrying droplets. What shapes this guidance on masks is that we can’t tell who’s infected. You can’t look in a crowd and say, oh, that person should wear mask. There’s a lot of asymptomatic infection, so everybody has to wear a mask.”

What Can Be Done?

I end this with a plea that the school board make the correct decision to protect the children and the staff and require face masks.

Karin Salome


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If you were to fill your mouth with smoke, then put on a mask, stand in front of a mirror and exhale into that mask you would see how ineffective these cheap masks are.


Guest55 - the virus particles themselves are tiny, absolutely. But, the good news is that the virus particles attach to respiratory droplets... which get trapped by a properly worn mask! Isn't science great? Masks are not child abuse, on any level! And not all of the PCR tests were recalled. Anyone, at any time, can see for themselves which of us is correct. Wherever you've been getting your info, I wouldn't trust them! We have a fully approved vaccine now... no more excuses left.


You are absolutely right, regarding face mask, students, and all school personnel should be wearing facemask, as well as anyone entering the schools or even public buildings for that matter.

It's time for this crazy conspiracy driven nonsense stop now, which has been perpetuated by lies and misinformation on various social media websites and cable channels.

It now, seems to have the Laconia School Board who with the exception of two responsible members, voted to not mandate mask wearing in schools.

All I hear from credible medical professionals, epidemiologists and specialist in disease control, say in order to stop the pandemic it is critical to wear mask, get vaccinated and wash your hands; never in my life have I seen public ignorance drive the decisions which should be dictated by public health professionals.

Alan Moon

We know Chico, evryone who doesn't agree with you is a stupid idiot. You should reall do more reading; like this on.


In regards to masks, it has been scientifically proven that they don’t work to keep the covid particles from passing through. The covid particles are .12 microns in size and an N95 mask has .4 micron holes. Plus, childrens brains are being deprived of the oxygen it needs. Putting a mask on a child is abusive on so many levels including mental and physical health.

In regards to the PCR test, the inventor of this test clearly said it was not designed to differentiate between inactive or live viruses so, unless there is another reliable test for covid, the figures are wrong. And even if the PCR test could differentiate, it’s being amplified at to high a cycle. Anything over a cycle of 17 will mostly change the result to a false positive. And, the PCR test has been recalled for inaccuracies.


You sound like your brain has been deprived of oxygen, look around you, it's a pandemic hospitalizing more children and they are dying due to the Delta Variant.

I'm sure you can find some crazies that will say masks don't work, on social media, QAnon sites, Fox News; but you won't find any well regarded Doctor, Epidemiologist or Disease Control Expert say that mask don't's people like you that are what's driving the pandemic of the unvaccinated.


And yet another person completely misunderstands basics science. Viral particles travel within a range of aerosol size, not single particles suspended in air. For starters they are contained within the surface tension of the droplets. Those droplets are measured in microns and cloth masks are between 50-80% effective depending on the fabric and fit. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are on the nanometer scale, many times smaller than the virus or droplets. Anyone claiming that masks are ineffective against COVID but reduce oxygen levels/increase carbon dioxide levels is failing at basic physical science understanding we would expect of a 9th grade student...


Wrong. N95 and KN95 masks are electrostatically charged to they capture even particles smaller than their pores. You don't understand mask science or the strategy of mitigating the virus. Here are 49 studies that rebut you


The virus particles themselves are tiny, yes. But, you (conveniently?) left out a key factor: the virus particles attach to respiratory droplets - which are larger. The masks catch the respiratory droplets (along with the virus attached to them) before they get into your nose/month and catch the respiratory droplets as you exhale (assuming you wear the mask correctly, of course). Given all your research, I'm surprised you didn't know this! Glad I could help, though! Get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands, and pay attention to where you get your info because obviously there's a lot of misinformation out there! Does anyone really think it's a coincidence that a majority of the people dying from Covid-19 are unvaccinated? Children under 12 aren't eligible for the vaccines & the school year is beginning. Protecting them from possible death is not considered child abuse.... on any level! Not all PCR tests were recalled! Anyone can see the current list of all medical products recalled by the FDA (including the dates they were recalled). Wherever you've been getting your info, I wouldn't trust them anymore!


Actually, my experience is that young grammar school children are much smarter than you, and they don't consider wearing facemask in school a form of child abuse, they understand it's to protect their families, teachers and other student, especially with compromised immune systems.

Another words....children aren't selfish, and people like you that espouse continual nonsense that is not in line with health professional, Doctors and Scientist that know much more than you, who say it's critical to get vaccinated, wear face mask and wash hands; it's becoming the pandemic with the unvaccinated who are driving up the COVID cases in this country and sickening and hospitalizing much younger people than ever before.

Go back in your echo chamber.


Where did you get your data? Your mask claims arent true. Take the sizes of the virus. Firstly, the virus is never floating alone. there is never a naked virus floating in the air. It is always bonded to something larger like water droplets and aerosols from breathing, talking, coughing. That's water, mucus protein, and other biologics that are all larger than 1 micron. Properly fitting, no-valve KN95 and N95 masks block most of those both ways. Also of note is that K95 and KN95 masks are electrostatically charged which can trap particles smaller than the pores of the masks. When these masks lose their charge, they still block 75% of particles. Viral load is key to whether you get infected or not.

See my letter on masks at


Here are 49 studies that refute your claim that masks don't work. 44 are peer-reviewed and the other 5 are awaiting review.

End Communism Now

Thanks guest 55. My children came home every day last year with headaches and completely drained from having their breathing restricted. Just imagine the long term effects that are possible when you start covering a child's face at age 2. Absolutely disgusting and dangerous. The masks are useless and the vaccine that the white house is forcing the FDA to approve prematurely is useless. I hope this Communism ends soon! America is falling fast! And it's a shame.

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