To The Daily Sun,

So, Tom Stankosky doesn't understand guns, but knows we need to take these "military-style" rifles away from law abiding citizens?

Well, apparently this idiot doesn't understand English either, since he wants to ban some thing due to mere looks since actual military weapons have been restricted since 1934.

You know, I went through a background check when I enlisted, another, when I applied for my pistol permit, and another every time I've bought a gun.

My life is a documented matter of public record .

What do we know about these "anonymous names" attacking our rights?

I don't feel particularly safe with these unvetted subjects being allowed to write indiscriminately.

They might be racists, and certainly don't want to allow civil rights for "that sort."

I demand background checks for letter writers, who could oppose common-sense safety rules to prevent "hate speech!" 

In all seriousness, Mr. Stankosky's ignorant diatribe clearly shows why Democrats are responsible for mass shootings. When PEOPLE were held accountable for their actions, we had laws against acts (murder, littering, etc.). Now, some pig throws their crap on the ground, or shoot something up and you idiots immediately scream "BAN STRAWS," BAN GUNS. How's that working?

How about enforcing existing laws against murder and littering?

Oh, I forgot, actually holding an individual accountable undermines the Dem's goal of total reliance on government, because some jackass who doesn't know the difference between a rifle and a machine gun is so eminently qualified to judge what you should or shouldn't be ALLOWED to have.

In 1775 armed citizens defeated the greatest army on earth, they gave birth to a nation, and changed the world.

In 1991 Soviet troops refused to fire on protesters, they killed an empire and changed the world .

The people with the guns make the rules .

Which is exactly why the lying elitists want to take yours away.

Thomas Bogan


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