To The Daily Sun,

My previous two letters covered how propaganda works. It starts with “commitment” and “consistency” followed by “pluralistic ignorance.” There is a third leg to that deception called “Social Proof.”

Again, it’s explained in the book “Influence” as follows. “Social proof is most powerful for those who feel unfamiliar or unsure in a specific situation and who consequently must look outside of themselves for evidence of how best to behave there.” The key words are “unfamiliar” and “unsure.”

Sticking with the previous two letters on critical race theory, here are some examples of how Democrats and the MSM have used social proof to influence public opinion. Last year following George Floyd’s death there was a nationally televised funeral procession. Mr. Floyd was laid in a golden casket in a horse drawn colonial hearse with tens of thousands of spectators lining the streets. Few if any US presidents have received an equivalent send off. Yet a convicted felon, on drugs, resisting arrest after allegedly committing forgery was honored as a national hero. Why?

The purpose was to garner support for the BLM movement using “social proof.” To further the movement, statues were erected in honor of George Floyd in New York City and Newark NJ in time for Juneteenth. The purpose of those statues and instituting a day of remembrance are “social proof” that racism is real and if you don’t support BLM, you’re a racist.

For those who don’t do any independent research the picture is complete. They are “committed” to BLM and will “consistently” support them no matter what. The fact that most blacks are murdered by other blacks can be ignored. The fact that BLM never holds “protests” in the neighborhoods (mostly run by Democrats) where the majority of blacks are murdered can also be ignored. The fact that it was the Democratic party that fought for slavery in the Civil War and authored the Jim Crow laws likewise has been ignored. And finally, the fact that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. rarely report the killings of police and black children by black assailants is likewise ignored. Why? Because of “Pluralistic ignorance.” If the MSM ignores the facts, those that rely on them will also.

With millions of BLM supporters, Democrats and the MSM “believing” racism is the biggest threat to democracy, it’s easy to see why CRT (Critical Race Theory) has become a battle ground in this country. To deny racism exists is foolish but to believe people are born racists based on the color of their skin is not only ludicrous, it’s dangerous.

It is in direct opposition to Martin Luther King Jr’s dream that people be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Democrats got it wrong in the Civil War, wrong with the Jim Crow laws, and are getting it wrong again today. Critical Race Theory is not the cure for what ails this country, it’s the disease.

Bruce Jenket


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You are what’s wrong with NH and the Republicans Sheep Show.

Michael Breen Ph.D.

Great insight. CRT does not approve of science or research because these data, collected via scientific method disproves their racist belief system. Stay in the fight. Never give up. Our country, our children need protecting from this racist dogma.

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