To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Veverka, Mr. Hemmel, and Ms. Hebert say that they can handle the facts and that they want the truth? Here you go.

The Black Lives Matter organization was based on two lies (Martin and Brown were unjustifiably killed). Both were justified. The founders proudly proclaim that they are trained Marxists. Marxism has been quite the boost for people around the world. Or perhaps not.

Proclaiming that “black lives matter” suggests both that other lives don’t matter and that a significant number of people believe that black lives don’t actually matter. Which are you going to go with?

Ms. Tucker and Dr. Stowe state that the Luckovich cartoon illustrates the black experience and systemic racism in America. In case you are interested, in 2019, 13 unarmed blacks were shot to death by police, contrasted with 19 whites. In 2013, 90% of the killers of black victims were black. Blacks are far more likely to be murdered by another black than a white or a police officer. Also, in the case of Michael Brown, “unarmed” doesn’t mean not dangerous.

Ms. Hebert implies that Jacob Blake’s being a parent is some sort of shield from police action. Has she seen the charges against Mr. Blake that prompted their attempt to arrest him? Has she seen the video of his attempts to avoid arrest? Sort of changes the story, doesn’t it?

Additionally, Ms. Hebert states “[n]o longer can we tolerate hate…” English is strange, so that could be restated as: She hates hate. So, how does she plan to change every individual’s inner feelings? The best she can hope for is punishing the expression of hate. Perhaps she can start with the mostly peaceful rioters plying their trade in Democrat-controlled cities.

I don’t have the time to understand how Dr. Stowe asserts that the shooting school children by evil people is directly related to his perceived misinterpretation of the Second Amendment.

I appreciate that Mr. Kirk and Ms. Pierce support free speech and the airing of multiple opinions, no matter how offensive they may appear to some people. Thank you.

A last bit: Mr. Lassen notes that “[w]hen you are armed and being attacked…you are going to take the shot.” Can he suggest an alternative, you know, besides being beaten, maimed, or killed? Also, Mr. Rittenhouse worked in Kenosha, so he had ties to the city. It takes less time for him to drive to Kenosha than it would take for Mr. Lassen to drive to MA. Simply carrying a stick should not be considered an instigation to attacks. The police that Mr. Lasser might call in need also carry “sticks." What does he think about them?

Rick Notkin


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Actually if it wern't so sad and false, this letter is actually funny. There is much more hate coming from the right then from the left. With one or two exceptions, all political violence since the days of the Weathermen has been committed by the right.


Not buying it.

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