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"New Hampshire's 52 With A View - A Hiker's Guide" by Ken MacGray. (Courtesy photo)

An essential resource for hikers to explore 52 scenic peaks throughout the state

CONCORD — A revised and updated second edition of "New Hampshire's 52 With A View - A Hiker's Guide," a comprehensive guidebook for the 52 With A View hiking list, was recently published by Ken MacGray. The 246-page guidebook is the first of its kind for these peaks, which complement the popular New Hampshire 4,000-footers.

Inside the book readers will find an historical overview of the Over The Hill Hikers, creators of the list, and how the list came to be; detailed recommended route descriptions for the 52 peaks and more, historical tidbits, parking & road access, and additional routes. There’s also information on overnight options for campers and backpackers, tips for hiking each peak in winter, and highlights of the views from each peak.

The updated second edition was revised in May. The guide features photographs and expanded alternate routes with more detailed trailhead locations.

The guide has been featured on New Hampshire Public Radio, in The Portland Press Herald, Section Hiker, The Caledonian Record, and The Conway Daily Sun.

MacGray is a freelance writer and hiker. He found his true passion for hiking later in life and has completed the New Hampshire 4,000-Footers and almost three rounds of the 52WAV list, among other hiking accomplishments. He is co-editor of the forthcoming fifth edition of the AMC Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide, and is most at home in the mountains and forests.

For additional information, contact Ken MacGray at kmacgray@gmail.com or visit kenmacgray.org/52.

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