MEREDITH — Inter-Lakes Middle and High School's 2018-2019 academic honor roll for the second trimester includes the following students:

Seventh Grade

Highest Honors:  Gus Kusch

High Honors: Ayden Anderson, James Copeland, Leah Eastman, Ronan Hird, Peyton Hoyt, Eloise Moore, Lily Richardson, James Thomson, Sean Treadwell, Abram Weil-Cooley and Etta Wobber

Honors: Benjamin Abromowich, Estelle Achenbach, Brayden Arruda, Benoit Beaudoin, Preston Blair, Ian Brown, Zachary Cafarella, Eli Cao, Catherine Caputo, Tyler Cataldo, Lindsay Chamberlain, Hayley Doda, Alexis Dow, Emma Dubois, Lincoln Ferrante, Riley Ferrante, Jesse Foran, Faith Gianunzio, Xander Gonzalez, Brodin Hart, Daniel Hodge, Lola Hodgman, Olivia Johnson, Addison Kernen, Sage Kim, Olivia Kimball, Justin Knowles, Kamryn Lamarre, Lucien LaPlante, Marissa Learned, Cole McIntosh, Robert McPherson, Sophia Nydegger, Gabriella O’Neill, Allana Poehler, Nicholas Porch, Roman Quagliaroli, William Liam Richards, Michael Robinson, Lily Rodriguez, Brooke Rollins, Noah Salamanca, Ethan Stinson, Victoria Stuart, Brian Uylenbroeck, Andrew Weiss, Jayda Wesson and Everett Whitcher 

Eighth Grade

Highest Honors: Dugan Brewer Little, Van Buhrman, Charles Despres, Katelyn DeTolla, Kelli Goewey, Maire LaRowe, Alissa McCarthy, Eben Misavage, Ruby Preisendorfer, Riana Ralston and Victoria Weisman

High Honors: Jared Bixby, Kalan Brunell, Hannah Coleman, Tyler Dixon, Eden Hamel, Samuel Harbrook, Sara Harris, Cameron Hayward, Christenia Kangas, Bradley Leberman, Molly Moynihan, Haley Pimley, Hannah Pratt, Sydnee Range, Olivia Richards, Zachary Spicuzza, Jorja Streeter, Gianna Tearno and Egan Towle 

Honors: Zachary Allard, Tyler Bailey, Joseph Ballou, Jaime Barrera, Andrew Bivolcic, Thayer Bonner, Joscelyn Boucher, Dagon Burr, Paolo Cao, Will Carpentiere, Hannah Chaignot, Joseph Doda, Curtis Dow, Craig Dunn, Olivia Fernandes, Andrew Goodearl, Roland Hoag, Aryal Howarth, Gaige Huckins, Bailey Kuczkowski, Maria Morrisette, Riona Patten, Tayvin Shufelt, Carson Sleeper, Joshua Thomas, Emily Waldron and Kyra Wallace

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