HOLDERNESS — The Trinity Churchyard Cemetery Association has raised significant funds to begin restoration of the oldest building in the Town of

Holderness. Trinity Church, built in 1797, retains the original 18th century structure and the interior with its wooden pews and pulpit. Trinity Church is on the National Register of Historic Places, and is the second oldest Episcopal church in New Hampshire.

Moisture and time have impacted the structure. The restoration will focus on a drainage system to take water away from the foundation. The granite foundation will be reset, structural timbers and all exterior siding and trim will be replaced, and the building re-roofed with cedar shakes. The work will involve the church being moved from its present foundation temporarily.

The Trinity Church Yard Cemetery Association oversees and manages the cemetery grounds and church. The property was deeded to the association in 1854 by Arthur Livermore, Jr. His father, Samuel Livermore, was one of the

original proprietors of the Town of Holderness, and the Trinity Church was constructed in 1797 on his land holdings. Nearby Holderness School, which opened in 1879 with a sermon given in the church, continues to hold an annual service there.

The Trinity Church Yard Cemetery Association will work closely with the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance for guidance, and has selected Stan Graton of 3G Construction to complete the work. Stan is the grandson of Milton Graton, a New Hampshire covered bridge restorer and builder.

To make a gift to the restoration fund, contact Trustee Peter Barnum at

603-779-5221 or pbarnum@holderness.org. The Trinity Churchyard Cemetery Association is a 501(c)(13) tax-exempt organization.

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