Wealth management merger

Celebrating the affiliation of their trust and wealth management companies are, left to right, Greg McConahey and Rhonda Stephens of the New Hampshire Trust Company; Gregg Tewksbury, president and chief executive officer of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp; Mike Rafferty of the New Hampshire Trust Company; Paul Provost, president of MillRiver Wealth Management; and Mark Bodin, president of Savings Bank of Walpole. (Courtesy photo)

CONCORD — MillRiver Wealth Management has signed an agreement to purchase The New Hampshire Trust Company, based in Keene. At the same time, Savings Bank of Walpole’s SBW Wealth Management division will also join the organization. Later this year, the unified company plans to change its name to New Hampshire Trust & Wealth Management.

Through this affiliation, three Granite State financial service providers will be in a position to optimize the strengths of each, serving customers with leading-edge advice, enhanced technology, and a continued focus on local, personal service in communities throughout New Hampshire.

MillRiver Wealth Management and SBW Wealth Management are already affiliated as the locally-focused investment and wealth management divisions of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, along with NHMB’s independently managed mutual banks Meredith Village Savings Bank, Merrimack County Savings Bank and Savings Bank of Walpole. 

Under the new affiliation, existing staff at the three companies will remain with New Hampshire Trust & Wealth Management, working in their current locations. Paul Provost, current president of MillRiver Wealth Management, will retain that title with the newly named firm.

“One of the benefits of this alliance is the ability to tap into the leadership and expertise that Paul brings to our organization as a visionary, customer-focused investment professional,” said Gregg Tewksbury, president and chief executive officer of NHMB. “Paul is also committed to our unique ability to provide expert, localized wealth management services throughout New Hampshire – most importantly, in the individual communities served by our sister banks.” 

Greg McConahey and Mike Rafferty, co-presidents of the New Hampshire Trust Company, noted that they personally share a strong, mutual respect and trust with leaders at MillRiver Wealth Management and SBW Wealth Management. “Our organizations enjoy similar corporate structures and cultures, with complementary market areas and a fundamental commitment to delivering high-quality, local, personal customer service,” said McConahey.

The relationship will become effective upon final regulatory approval, which is expected to occur in January 2020.

For more information about MillRiver Wealth Management, call 603-223-2710, or visit millriverwealth.com. For more information about SBW Wealth Management, call 603-355-1674, or visit www.sbwwm.com. For more information about The New Hampshire Trust Company, call 603-352-0862, or visit nhtrustco.com. For more information about New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp, visit nhmutual.com.

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