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Buying a Mattress?

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Learn what to avoid, and how to make the right choice

You hear it all the time from the mattress stores, “Save up to 50%, today only!” or their latest trick, A “free” adjustable base with the purchase of select mattresses. There is no such thing as free, or 50% off a new mattress. 

In fact, none of the major mattress manufacturers offer any sort of retail pricing whatsoever. So these discounts that they offer are nothing more than an illusion to trick you into thinking you are getting a great deal.  And as for that “free” adjustable foundation?  It's not free, they simply add it into the price of the mattress, essentially forcing you to buy a cheap adjustable base you may not even want.

Free trials

You may hear some mattress companies talk about a 30-day free trial.  While there are some legitimate sleep trials offered, backed by the manufacturer, you actually have to keep those mattresses for 30 days, and then afterwards you have up to 90 days or more to exchange them for a nominal handling fee.

Born on date

Every mattress, no matter where you buy it, has a “born on date” on the law tag. Always check that date upon delivery of your new mattress. If it is more than a couple weeks old, send it back.  The reason is simple, any mattress older than a few weeks has more than likely been in someone else’s home, used and then returned to the retailer.

Chris Ippolito is a mattress expert at Ippolito's Furniture in Meredith. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a new mattress, give Chris a call personally at 603-279-7974.

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