BRISTOL – This list was included in the Newfound Lake Region Association newsletter, but it applies to all lakes.

Newfound Lake gets a lot of love. To best protect this shared resource and ensure everyone can enjoy their time at the lake, we’ve compiled some etiquette essentials:


Before you go:

Clean, drain, and dry. Make sure your boat and trailer is clean, drained, and dry to avoid spreading invasive aquatic species from one water body to another.

At the ramp:

Be ready to launch. Have your gear and supplies loaded in your boat before it is your turn to launch so that people in line behind you don’t have to wait.

On the water:

Keep your distance. Law requires boats to maintain 150 feet from other boats and recreators, the shoreline, wildlife, and any other objects. That’s a l-o-n-g stretch (about half a football field)!  Try pacing it out to see for yourself.  For an etiquette A+, keep a distance of 200 feet.


Keep the volume down. Sound travels far over water, and not everyone may enjoy hearing your 80s hits at full blast.

Pack it in, pack it out. Trash that ends up overboard pollutes our lake, can lower water quality, and even entangle or threaten wildlife. If you take it out with you, take it back in!

Respect private land. Along with minimizing your wake and noise and keeping the proper distance, do not trespass on private land. Of particular note on Newfound is the Charles Bean Sanctuary at the north end of the lake, a protected wildlife sanctuary that is especially vulnerable to human impacts.

When you have to go… Human waste, including pee, threatens the health of Newfound Lake and the people that enjoy it. If you need to go, make a stop at one of these public bathrooms:

Wellington Boat Launch

Grey Rocks Conservation Area (nonmotorized boats only)

Avery Crouse Town Beach (next to The Big Catch)


Don’t feed the ducks. Not only do food items that decompose in the water pollute the lake, but attracting ducks to beaches means more duck poop, which can carry harmful bacteria that makes beaches unsafe for swimming.
Pack it in, pack it out.  Newfound’s public beaches do not have trash receptacles.  Come prepared with a bag for your trash and take it home with you to avoid litter and pollution.
Follow the rules. Fishing, smoking, loud music, pets, fires… Rules can differ from beach to beach. Follow the rules on posted signs, check online before you go, or ask somebody!
When you have to go… Use a public restroom. As mentioned above, even pee can have adverse effects on the health of Newfound Lake and the people who enjoy it.
Pick up pet waste. Nutrient pollution from pet waste lowers water quality and harmful bacteria can make the water unsafe for swimming at local beaches.
Follow leash laws. Leashing your pet lowers your environmental impact, keeps your pet safe, and allows others around you to enjoy the space as well.
Give wildlife space. Our local fauna is busy nesting, foraging, and just plain surviving. Keeping yourself and your pet at a distance leads to less stress and better success for wild animals.

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