To The Daily Sun,

Years ago I noticed that the government politician isn’t really wanting to find solutions to problems but to use problems and their sound bites to augment their status and re-election.

Today an article referenced the U.S. defense budget, with New Hampshire’s representatives slipping in a ban on use of firefighting foam by the military. One might suppose that is a good thing and pat them on the back at re-election time.

I’ve read enough about PFAS, PFOS being "not safe" above 70 parts per trillion. But the solution isn’t in getting current politicians re-elected but to solve the problem in its relation to drinking water. Which as with so many situations over so many years gets solved despite the politician, governmental and non-governmental. (

These public servants could have included addition funding to gear up production and distribution of these filters for homes and/or towns and cities to effect the immediate situation. Also funding to find a solution to using something other than PFAS in firefighting foam, perhaps they think it better to just let the fires burn themselves out regardless of the consequences.

G.W. Brooks


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