To The Daily Sun,

Sen. Hassan wants to have it both ways as exemplified by her recent comment regarding the killing of 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan. Hassan apparently made the following comment: "We must complete this mission, regardless of any arbitrary guidelines."

Hassan made this statement after President Biden said that the troops are leaving by Aug. 31. Is Hassan paying attention? Did she contact Sen. Shaheen, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, to pressure the president to ensure that all Americans will be saved from what will be certain death at the hands of the Taliban? I think we all know the answer which is NO.

Senator Hassan continues to play the political game by saying "she urges the administration to do everything in its power to secure the airport." Is she talking about Bagram or the civilian airport with no protective barriers where soldiers have died needlessly. Again, I think you know the answer, which is NO.

Sen. Hassan is more interested in going along with the crowd and saying the right things.

The majority of military veterans throughout this country are disgusted with inept people who have allowed this to happen. It has happened and Sen. Hassan is apparently OK with it.

The recent drone attack by the US on an ISIS compound that killed two planners is truly of no real consequence, however Sen. Hassan practically tripped going to the microphone. Who was killed? Why are they not identified Senator Hassan ? Is time needed to notify next of kin? Have you inguired? Again, the answer is NO. But you are determined to look good.

Soldiers are loyal to this country and respect purpose, while President Biden makes terrible decisions and Sen. Hassan never questions. This is a debacle, and Sen. Hassan is shameless. She needs to be voted out of office.

Kenneth L. Bowers


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Senator Maggie Hassan was a superb Governor of New Hampshire and has been a superb Senator representing the State of New Hampshire and never ceases to do whatever she can to help constituents with any issue whether they support her or not; she deserves to Re-Elected and the Support of all Granite Staters.


You mean she won't say things in agreement with you. I will be voting for her

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