To The Daily Sun,

It is extremely sad to see people blaming others for Speaker Hinch’s death, we are better than this. Everyone had the freedom to attend the meeting or not and to wear a mask or not. We are a people who live free or die, we are Americans, who live in the land of the free and brave. Let’s stop the blame game, let’s stop losing our freedoms one at a time, and let’s stop the lying that masks save us, otherwise before you know it, we will not be the land of the free and brave and our kids and grandkids will pay for it.

Live free or die, it is the New Hampshire way, liberty for all.

John Sellers


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Is the writer kidding? Does he believe we are all too stupid to see that people die because people are not only irresponsible but delusional, full of dumb conspiracies and junk science? Is he so limited that he can't see how badly people have acted in the bogus claim of freedom? The Freedom of the right-wing is Freedumb. Dumber than rocks but much more dangerous. Live free and die and infect others while yer at it.


Live free or die. I love our state motto! Unfortunately, some people just don't understand what it really means. It doesn't mean "do whatever you want... whether it affects others, or not." Live freely - while allowing others to do so, as well - or die. Does that explain it better? If your actions infringe upon, or harm, others... that means the other people aren't able to live freely. Get it? Masks have been proven to be effective at reducing the spread of Covid-19. You can say they aren't, of course...But the science behind it says otherwise. Besides, why risk killing someone? Look, we are relying on each other to do the right thing - wear a mask when you must be close to people, wash your hands & use hand sanitizer... the basics. We are each responsible for our own actions and when those actions affect others, the mature thing to do is to acknowledge it & change the behavior.....


Bravo V 👍🏻

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