To The Daily Sun,

Justice for Joey: Impetuous is an adjective that I have been accustomed to most of my life. Postpartum: a word you should fear.

Let me reminisce. Ten to 30, that’s what the officer stated to me in the wake of this nightmare of my arrest.To be honest, I probably missed a word or two, such as "years" from them. Regardless, my heart fell through the floor as my brain went on autopilot wondering why the Belmont Police Department failed to investigate (true story). In any case, I couldn’t believe what was, and is, happening.

I was tired from my long nights of working against the Covid virus; disinfecting endlessly at facilities diligently; and, not realizing my rights, from a treatable illness, would not be investigated thoroughly, would land me where I sit today.

Let me explain. This wasn’t my first experience dealing with postpartum depression. There were issues after the birth of my firstborn. A lot worse after the second- But, never would I have imagined the irrationality from no investigation to here I sit. This is a mental illness that needs to be talked about. This was a night of alcohol consumption after six weeks postpartum. Not a few excessive amounts. A cocktail for disaster. Did the police ask? NO! Did they interview family or friends?NO! Was the alleged victim asked what she was doing the night of the alleged incident? NO!

These questions are endless but they may have determined that the alleged victim was emotionally unstable, postpartum, drunk and had strange conversations about odd things. As if circumstances can’t get worse, I’m stonewalled by a judge who is obviously overworked and unable to take a good look at my case.

I still hear the echoing words of “preventIve detention” ringing in my ears, based solely on one statement. I am being improperly denied bail. Is the justice system so backed up from Covid that we are all no longer able to get a fair and proper shot at the truth?

Joey Woodbury


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The Department of Justice defines domestic violence as, “A pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.” An abuser always seeks to obtain a sense of control and power of the other, and forms of violence can include physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or even psychological. —

I’m shocked that even from jail he’s still trying to abuse the mother of his two children. He’s a very deranged person to write like he’s the victim...

Stay in Jail - karma and justice will be served!!

Walking with Jesus

This is very disturbing. The charge against this man is rape and domestic violence. A master of manipulation that he is. Trying to find any loophole to wiggle loose. It’s disgusting. Sorry the judge doesn’t see through the lies, that’s justice.


woman beaters belong in prison


There is never an excuse for domestic violence. Physically and emotionally abusing a woman is not an answer to post-partum depression. This is the most disturbing letter I've ever read by someone who clearly needs help.

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