To The Daily Sun,

The Marxist media and the Marxist Demolitioncrats continue their defamatory barrage against President Trump, which commenced before he announced for the presidency when the Obama administration commenced abusive queries of our national security database. For the umpteenth time, the Marxist axis of evil has invented a fake, ridiculous fairy tale of hate that the president, who has done more for the military and peace than any other in the last 50 years, denigrated his and our fallen heroes buried overseas in Flanders field as “suckers.” Even John Bolton, who was present and is anti-Trump, and nine others said it did not happen, despite the calumnies published on this editorial page.

However, this blatant canard begs the question: WHO ARE THE REAL SUCKERS? Allow me the indulgence to address this question:

1. Who sent $150 billion and added a $ 3 billion tip to the Iranian government so the mullahs could finance terror in the Middle East and throughout the world, including in the USA and develop an Atomic bomb, which they have promised to drop on Israel?

2. Who told the President of Russia be sure to tell Vlad the Horrible the next time you see him I can be more accommodating after I am re-elected?

3. Who collected multi-millions of dollars from Ukrainian oligarchs and the Chinese Communist Party for personal enrichment at the expense of our national security and the taxpayers of the U.S.?

4. Who blackmailed the Ukrainian government by threatening to withhold billions of dollars authorized by Congress unless the prosecution of his son was dropped?

5. Who pushed the Russian red reset button, then gave control of our uranium to Vlad the Terrible, keeping Obama’s promise to be more accommodating, while the Russians paid her husband $500,000 for a one-hour speech and while at the same time Russian oligarchs contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation?

6. Who plotted in the Oval Office and with our Western allies to destroy the Trump campaign, the Trump presidential transition and then a coup against the duly elected POTUS?

The answer to these questions is the Biden, Clinton, Obama axis of evil with 100 percent support from the Marxist media (NYT, WAPO, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC). So if truth be told, the motto of Laconia Daily Sun, the real suckers are the news sources listed above, the listeners to the listed TV stations and, even if they cannot admit it, the tens of millions of people who voted for the Axis of Evil candidates. The dumbest act of all will be the repetition of “being suckered”.

Vote for Donald Trump and make America first and safe again.

Charles H. Bradley III, J.D.


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