To The Daily Sun,

The last sentence in Mr. Davis’ letter to the Editor published June 9, in response to my letter about systemic racism, was very revealing, and actually proves my point about the need to study systemic racism. He stated: “If you’re really serious about ending racism, you first have to stop calling everyone that doesn’t look (and think) like you racists.” Who does he claim is going around calling people racist? My letter doesn’t do that. The concept of critical race theory doesn’t do that either. At its core, critical race theory exposes white privilege, not white racism. There is a difference between these concepts, and most Americans don’t have a clue what the difference is. When white Americans don’t want to deal with an issue, they historically call it “Marxist” and “Communist.” They did this when students wanted to sit at a lunch counter, to ride in integrated buses, to be allowed admittance to public colleges, to not have to go to the back of the bus, to have the right to vote without being shot in the face for trying to register. The point of critical race theory is that white Americans no longer do these horrible overtly racist things to black citizens, but white Americans still benefit, every day, month and year, from all kinds of systems and rules that work in their favor. I believe we cannot heal as a nation until we all understand white privilege and work to dismantle it.

I would also like to respond to Mr. Davis’ attempt to re-write the role of Gen. Lee in U.S. history. No matter how much we want to believe otherwise, any person who takes up arms against the United States is a traitor to the United States.

Charles Ajootian


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