To The Daily Sun,

Jeff Robbins wrote a scathing editorial in the Laconia Daily Sun on May 24, condemning Donald Trump and the GOP. His allegations and conclusions were over the top leftist propaganda with little facts to support it. He failed to mention the big lie that elevated a riot to “insurrection” which was the murder of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick. In his mind it may still be true but the coroner concluded he died of natural causes. There were no beatings with a fire extinguisher or any other object but lies like that leave their mark. Mr. Robbins also failed to mention the murder of veteran Ashli Babbitt by a still unnamed capitol police office.

Maybe Mr. Robbins could put a price tag on the “ransacking” he mentioned of the capitol and compare it to the $2 billion in destruction caused by Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs last year? Why is that “sanctioned” by the Democratic Party? Maybe he can enlighten us as to why the Seattle mayor turned over a portion of that city to leftists? Or why the mayor of Minneapolis ordered the police to evacuate the police third precinct so rioters could burn it down?

Lastly, it would go a long way to understanding Mr. Robbins’ thought process if he would articulate why a four-hour riot in a federal building in Washington, D.C. warrants an investigative commission but a 100-day siege in Portland of a federal building does not?

This country is coming apart as a result of the mainstream media and surrogates like Mr. Robbins. Their inability to apply the laws of this nation equally is on full display. Here is a good example. Dylan Robinson was convicted of starting the Minneapolis police precinct fire. His sentence was two years in prison followed by two years supervised release:

The guy in the Viking costume on Jan. 6, has been in jail since Jan. 9, awaiting trial. Here is the Department of Justice indictment: Read all six counts. They boil down to trespassing and interference with congressional proceedings. No assault or vandalism. His real crime is resisting the takeover of the federal government by democrats.

I’ll close with a quote from Mr. Robbins’ editorial. “Many turned submissive when a powerful leader demanded it. Others went quiet for fear of reprisal.” His source could have just as easily been referring to the current Joe Biden administration. Anyone who believes an investigative commission is to uncover the “truth” should start by ask why Ashli Babbitt is with George Floyd today.

Bruce Jenket


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Jesus 2025

Dr. Anthony Fauci was warned that the coronavirus had possibly been “engineered” and appeared to be taking reports about it seriously — at the same time he was publicly downplaying the notion of the virus being created in a lab, according to his emails. Why is he still employed and not in jail?


The riot that took place on Jan 6th was an attempt to stop/interrupt what was happening inside. What were they actively in the middle of, in that building in Portland, that rioters were trying to stop/interrupt? As far as I know, nothing. So, maybe they're not actually that comparable? Neither are the deaths of Ashli Babbitt & George Floyd. Totally different circumstances! Can we talk about the attempted insurrection without trying to deflect? That would make this a much more productive conversation!


Mr. Jenket: real simple answer as to why Ashli Babbitt is with George Floyd today, beyond the absurdity of even comparing the two deaths. Ashli Babbitt is dead because she asked for it. She assaulted a Federal building, assaulted Federal and city police officers, threatened them with imminent bodily arm, and paid the price. It's as simple as that. As a veteran, she especially should have known the full potential consequences of the crime she undertook. And yes, there were officers who were beaten with fire extinguishers, flag poles, their own shields, baseball bats and other weapons. Don't try to deny it, it's all there on tape. You should be ashamed of yourself for in any way condoning these hideous actions, but it's obvious you don't have that capacity, like so many others of your ilk. No one I know of approves of any of the ancillary violence that occurred amidst the largely peaceful BLM demonstrations, yet folks like you like to try to distract from the INSURRECTION (yes, it was that!) that attempted to overturn a fair, honest election that dismissed an unfair, dishonest, completely incompetent moron in favor of a new president who actually has a brain and knows how to use it to help move this country forward, not backward toward fascism.


Ashlii Babbitt was an airman, a servant of our country and had every right to be in whatever room she gd well chose. George Floyd was a drug addled thug, worth nothing to nobody except those who are race baiters. You've never seen an insurrection, but you will.


No, XBHX, Babbitt didn't "earn" the "right' to be in that room at that moment fomenting insurrection against the government. It's appalling how many former service people were there, showing their incredible ignorance as to what the Constitution says, how this country actually runs, and instigating insurrection despite no evidence whatsoever about the alleged fraudulent election that was certified by every single secretary of state, all 50 of them, both Republican and Democrat. These delusional fools got exactly what they deserved, and more of them will be spending a good amount of time behind bars for their crimes. Perhaps they can take the time to actually read the Constitution, and perhaps then they'll understand the grave insanity of what they perpetrated on Jan. 6. By the way, George Floyd was a recovered addict, no thug, and was murdered over an alleged fake $20 bill. He did not deserve to die for that; he never even got a chance to have a hearing. Remember that Constitution? It gives us all a right to a fair trial. George Floyd received execution, and that officer, a disgrace to the uniform he wore, will serve a very long, richly deserved sentence for that murder. If, as you threaten, there is an insurrection, a lot more delusional Trumpistas will pay a very heavy price for their treachery. The country will be ready for these fools next time, be assured.

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