As Mississippi and Texas are lifting their mask mandates, Governor Sununu should consider doing so as well. Florida never had any mask mandates and had done very well throughout the pandemic especially considering the average age of their population, Florida being second only to Maine. 

Most New Hampshire businesses were requiring masks on their own without the mandates, to begin with, this should have remained the choice of business owners. Seeing as the vaccine is rolling out quite well in our state, New Hampshire residents should be given their choice back.

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Science rules! Some misinformed people twist science. A held belief does not constitute a fact. Although if a falsehood repeated multiple times it may appear as a truth. We do need leaders that mix up facts and beliefs. One should do research about what is correct. This prevents those with wild conspiracy theories quickly taking them down the closest rabbit hole.


Hi Rich, I appreciate your point about people doing their own research but I have found that advice backfired with some folks that I know. By "doing their own research" they either analyze data in indefensible ways because of their own lack of knowledge, or they take articles that confirm their points of view regardless of the source and use it as fact. Our misinformation epidemic has amplified willful ignorance and hubris.


I completely agree with this. How many times have you seen someone say "Do your own research!" when advocating conspiracy theories!


The pollicization of the pandemic has created a toxic dialogue with data and beliefs being conflated to drive divisions amongst us. I will continue to wear a mask because CDC data supports, and public health officials advise, that it is the best way to limit the spread of covid-19. Public health is not simply a matter of personal choice though, because our actions affect others with whom we share public spaces.


A mask mandate is backed by science and the CDC. Too many people, including many elected State Reps still refuse to wear a mask or social distance despite the mandate. Without a mask mandate too many people simply don’t care about their neighbors and precipitate wider spread of the virus and ultimately cause people to die.


Actually according to the CDC Florida and Texas have death rates at least twice as high as the state of NH and while this has fluctuated somewhat, the morbidity rate in NH has consistently been among the lowest of the states.

By having a mask mandate, we are succeeding in reducing community spread. Science supports masks.

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