Get “Reindeered”

Jaelyn, Kayden and Nicholas help set up Challenge Team Verani’s reindeer and sleigh. (Courtesy photo)

Thanks to Challenge Team Verani Realty Reindeers, “getting reindeered” is now an annual fundraising event in the Lakes Region. For a minimum donation of $20 to the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction, Team Verani will place a team of three reindeer with a sleigh attached at a home address of your choice for one day.

Mitch Hamel, who captains Team Verani with Susan Cummins and Greg and Deb Peverly, said demand has been so great, they now have six teams of reindeer to fill all the orders.

“This year we’re adding a deal for local businesses,” said Hamel. “For a $100 donation or more, we’ll place the reindeer at your business for a whole week. It’s a great way to support the Children’s Auction while making your business look festive for the holiday season.”

Team Verani will place reindeer anytime between Nov. 26 and Dec. 20, but Hamel said the dates usually sell out quickly, so it’s important to schedule early.

For information about how to arrange for a visit from the reindeer, contact Hamel at 603-387-7027 or other Verani teammates: Deb Peverly at 603-387-2452, Joshua Ritson at 603-832-8815 or Susan Cummins Harris at 603-387-1010. Inquiries may also be sent via email:,,,

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