In accepting our invitation to join this experiment, many of you told me why you were choosing to participate.  Your reasons were inspiring and encouraging, please share them with the group.

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Molly MPN

I joined to participate in open, respectful, attentive dialogue and perhaps develop positive relationships with a range of thinkers from Democrat-Left-Progressive through Republican-Right-Conservative. I am prepared to listen/read carefully and strive to give thoughtful consideration for all information shared. My hope is the eventual, possibly hard-earned outcome will be for each of us to find common ground from which to move forward in our actions and interactions.

A registered Unenrolled (Independent) voter, I self-identify as right-leaning Liberal. Since the platform and position of the Democratic Party or Left has steadily moved closer toward radical, my place on the current political spectrum is a bit Right of Middle. Based on my observations and experience in today’s socio-political environment, I am considered Conservative. Apparently one of the scant few engaged on this forum.

I’m grateful to the folks at Laconia Daily Sun for developing, facilitating and pursuing this “experiment”. May we be successful working together in this way to benefit each other and the community at large, as well as begin healing and reconciliation of the relentless divide presently felt in the Lakes Region and across the country.


the reasons that I am participating;

1. To have a civil discourse about issues that are affecting the community working toward the common good.

2. To separate beliefs from facts. One must differentiate one from another. Beliefs are not facts.

3. To active listen to another. We have "rose colored glasses" which distorts our perception. We always look for "evidence" that supports our point of view.

4. Stop the lies, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

5. Practice acceptance from those who differ from you. Approach from a nonjudgemental viewpoint.

Hillary Seeger

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this group! One can't post a puppy picture on social media without being eviscerated by political diatribe. I think a forum where people with a variety of views and ideas can come together to civilly share is so needed! Think Tip O'Neill and Ted Kennedy. Maybe we can come up with some ideas to actually get things done for the greater good!


I believe everyone has something to bring to the table that would be of benefit to our community. Building a safe space for sharing ideas and perspectives invites everyone to join in.


Hello all, maintaining a civil discourse has become an increasingly difficult task. I used to chuckle dismissively with my grandfather at the occasional outraged letter to the editor. Aside from a few "hot button" times in Laconia's history, I don't remember the public dialogue being quite so disrespectful. The two challenges which I most struggle to comprehend/understand are when someone advocates without listening and/or advocates without verifiable supporting facts. Taking the time to consider factual information and multiple points of view leads to wise dialogue. I may not be a prolific contributor here, but I'm pleased to be involved. Thank you.

Hillary Seeger

Good Morning Everyone! I think I've figured this out! Love the idea. Let's do it!


It would be good if the count of comments name could appear next to each Blog post.

Indeed, under each comment, it would be good to see links to each post's comments.


I am having trouble getting in. I am testing to see if this goes through

Adam Hirshan Staff
Adam Hirshan

Hi Richard. You are in! I see your post.


Thank you for creating this forum.

I believe that open healthy dialogue contributes to a healthy society. I think our democracy is being threatened by many factors today. Among them are dark money, misinformation on social media, elected representatives that represent themselves and not their constituents, inherent biases, and policy implications not being well understood. I would like to see more dialogue about issues and any associated legislation that is pending.

My goals when it comes to participation in civic dialogue:

1) To share good policies that I think the majority will benefit from

2) To understand the reasons behind a person’s position on an issue

3) To expose misinformation, lies, and misrepresentation of facts

I'm hoping this forum will contribute to a healthy dialogue on today’s divisive issues.


I believe that open, honest, civil, in-good-faith dialogue is important in a healthy society. Ideas and positions should be challenged and supported. Impacts of policies and actions should be fully understood; there is almost never a completely right answer when it comes to actions and policies, there are only impacts - invariably some positive and some negative on different population groups. As individuals we have a choice on how we weigh impacts against each other to decide on the "best" path to proceed.

I have 2 goals when it comes to my own participation in civic dialogue:

1) To think about and represent impact on groups that may otherwise be unheard, ignored, or marginalized

2) To stand up and call out (intentional) ignorance, bad-faith arguments, lies and misinformation

I'm hoping in this forum to focus more on the former than the latter.

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