06-09 Peace Cranes

Peace cranes are being prepared for display. (Courtesy Photo)

LACONIA —To help celebrate the 125th birthday of the city of Laconia, lots of hands have been busy folding paper peace cranes to show that the people of Laconia care about peace.

Children and adults from throughout the community have been spreading the word that “Laconia Cares about Peace.” The Key Club at Laconia High School made more than 600 peace cranes; and sixth-graders at Laconia Middle School, fifth-graders at Woodland Heights, third-graders at Pleasant Street School and fourth-graders at Elm Street School contributed peace cranes. Women from the Taylor Community, and both men and women from Merrimack and Belknap county jails have helped, along with members and friends of the Congregational Church of Laconia who are leading the initiative.

Those making the peace cranes were invited to pray or wish for peace in the community and the world with each peace crane made.

The Congregational Church of Laconia will have more than 4,500 peace cranes in an artistic display beneath the bridge that connects their two buildings on Veterans Square.

The project was the inspiration of the Rev. Paula Gile and the outreach committee of the church.

For 25 years, the church has been a “Just Peace” church, which means the congregation is committed to speaking and acting for peace and justice. Members do so through prayer, worship, education and action.

On Friday, July 6, between 6 and 8 p.m., the Congregational Church of Laconia and members of the community will celebrate the city’s 125th anniversary with the “Laconia Cares About Peace” display of 4,500 peace cranes which will be revealed at that time.

The church will be providing hot dogs, drinks and dessert for as long as they last. Keyboarder Phil Bretton and the A# Foursome barbershop quartet will be sharing old-time music throughout  the celebration.

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