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Insightful have warned of consequences of socialized medicine

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To the editor,
It is actually encouraging as I watch citizens attempt to come to grips with perhaps the most sweeping, social movement and government takeover of our economy and health care, now taking place in this great land of ours. The Obamacare Survival Guide is a best seller. Former N.Y. Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey has a handbook out, "Beating Obamacare". Terry Savage, financial guru, has expressed her apprehension over the potential long term damage that Obamacare may inflict on this country. Dr. Benjamin Carson has recently been quite vocal on the urgency of working quickly to fix the many deficits inherent in this 2,700-page monstrosity. One that a variety of experts are still trying to decipher. Docs 4 Patient Care and AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) have been warrior organizations in educating people about the disastrous affects of Obamacare and how best to deal with it.
Betsy uncovered the truth about "death panels", the component that Democrats crucified Sarah Palin for warning us about. The compassionate phrase the left uses for them is "government-encouraged-end-of-life-counseling". By now, we all know that the misnamed "Affordable Care Act" will raise taxes, make it more difficult to obtain insurance and regulate the relationship between patients and their doctors.
While people know that Obamacare includes an expansion of Medicaid, Betsy explains what the complicit media failed to mention. Individuals in the Medicaid system receive horrible care with health outcomes worse than individuals with no insurance at all. She reports that this shocking revelation has been well documented in major, medical journals.
Jonah Goldberg has an observation that should be filed under the heading, "another compassionate liberal policy gone terribly awry". He explains, "it turns out that Obamacare actually makes self-insurance less of a gamble because you can always throw workers on public exchanges without penalty". Yes indeed, gone awry for the citizens of this country. Obamacare, once fully implemented, will be a progressives' dream come true. A quantum leap for soft despotism and a potentially fatal plunge into the enslavement of a free society.
From Alexis de Tocqueville to Mark Steyn, insightful foreigners have warned us of the liberty sucking consequences of socialized medicine. Daren Jonescu, PhD, Canadian philosopher and English teacher, sums it up precisely, I think. "To have lived in a socialized medical system is to have witnessed the heart of the stealthy darkness Tocqueville foresaw. Socialized medicine is the demise of individual liberty in the guise of 'equal access', a gluttonous economic shark masked as 'affordability', and a final denial of the dignity of all human life, euphemized as "universal care". How sad it is that so many folks are caught up in the modern day "bread and circuses" of electronic toys and government freebies, that they have no clue our "benevolent" progressive, political leaders are slowly sucking the very life out of us in their shameless quest for an impossibly, irrational Utopian society.
Russ Wiles