Shaker superintendent reports agreement with town over recreational use of school facilities

BELMONT — Shaker Regional Superintendent Maria Dreyer told the School Board Thursday night that she and Selectman Ron Cormier met earlier this week and have agreed to allow the town's Parks and Recreation Department use school facilities when they are not being used.
Dreyer said the district's primary concern regarding the town's use of the facilities was security.
She said the two have developed a system whereby the Parks and Recreation Director will secure the facilities on Monday through Thursdays and the Shaker Regional Facilities Manager has agreed to do it on Friday.
Cormier said yesterday that he learned the facility-use calender is posted on the school Website and agreed with Dreyer's assessment that their meeting was productive and pleasant.
Belmont Selectmen had addressed what they called at the time a lack of cooperation between the town's Parks and Recreation Department and the Shaker Regional School District regarding playing fields and inside facilities at Belmont's school.
Dreyer, who was at the selectman's meeting said she would look into it and address it with the school board.
She told them Thursday evening she had a security contract regarding access with Belmont.